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Polygamy, aka as Bigamy, Means Slavery For Muslims, Not Marriage

Polygamy, aka as Bigamy, Means Slavery For Muslims, Not Marriage I was at a wedding this weekend when it all became clear to me. Last week, I was listening to a BBC Radio 5 phone-in featuring Baroness Warsi, Conservative Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion and Social Action, who had stirred up a hornet’s nest of […]

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Tory Evasion On Wilders Case Shows Cameroon Superficiality

Justine Greening’s hand-wringing reply on BBC TV’s Question Time to the question about Geert Wilders’ visit, and Chris Grayling’s earlier statement, (if Wilders might transgress laws, we support the government action; followed by the pathetic whine about the government is inconsistent) shows why traditional Tories like me will never vote for this superficial, opportunistic, Cameron-led […]

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U.K. Ban On Dutch Politician Undermines Freedom Of Speech

   It’s hard to know which is the most objectionable. Is it the British government’s craven cowardice in banning Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering this cradle of democracy for fear he may offend? Or is it the British government’s gross, head-bangingly crass stupidity in banning a minor politician who would have made a speech […]

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