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Will the U.S. Congress finally nail climate alarmists?

“The failure of Copenhagen may some day be remembered as the turning point in history that saved the world from economic ruin and loss of freedom”     Britain believes Gordon Brown is a liar and Prince Charles is a fool, or maybe it’s the other way around. But how else would you interpret the great […]

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Charlatan Cameron Puts Career Before Principle, Again

“If Cameron had an ounce of integrity, he would simply say he had given his word on a matter of supreme importance, and he would carry out that pledge forthwith. But that might jeopardise his precious career. Don’t hold your breath for action” Like President Bill Clinton and former Premier Tony Blair, Prime Minister David […]

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British Muslims need a new Koran, stripped of uncivilised beliefs

Another Islamist atrocity, mercifully a bungled one, just reminds us that if this poisonous growth in our society is not cured, home grown suicide bombing will eventually lead to a huge loss of innocent life. And yet all we get is hand-wringing from our gutless political leaders and pleas for moderate Muslims to step forward. […]

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Brown’s flat-earth climate lies matched only by Tory party’s surrender

    It is a measure of Gordon Brown’s breathtaking arrogance and ignorance that he seeks to dismiss those who challenge the scientific consensus on climate change as ignorant “flat-earthers”.     You might think, generously, that surely, for better or worse Brown is our leader after all, he wouldn’t lie or twist the facts to […]

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