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Vote “No” In The AV Referendum

“Under AV, the winner will emerge from a smoke-filled room after hours of mathematical shenanigans, and probably his policies and beliefs will be completely unknown to most voters” “how can one differentiate between a Lib Dem, Labour, BNP, Green and Monster Raving Looney. They are all unworthy. I couldn’t possibly grade them in a sensible […]

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If U.N. Action Deposes Gaddafi, What Then?

After being goaded for weeks, West descends into feel-good, gesture politics “The only justification for putting our armed forces in mortal danger is if a country is a threat to peace in a region, or jeopardises our crucial economic interests. Iraq scored on both counts. Libya, as a minor producer of oil and gas, scores […]

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Atlas Shrugged – The Movie. At Last, Hollywood Tackles Rand’s Masterpiece

Toxic Timing: As Presidential Campaign Starts, Obama Parallels Will Be Obvious “Reviews will split politically, as leftists seek to cover up their lies, and hope to divert Atlas Shrugged’s message that socialism enslaves and impoverishes, while freedom/capitalism liberates and improves the lot of even, or especially, the poorest” “We’ve seen the utopian Obamacare legislation, which […]

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