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BBC’s self-criticism of its “Arab Spring” reporting welcome but late

“why can’t it simply report the facts without trying to dress up the “Arab Spring” as something it is not?”       BBC chiefs are criticising the organisation’s own coverage of the so-called Arab Spring, and singles out Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen for special criticism. Unfortunately, it’s a bit late, for huge damage has […]

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BBC allows brazen Balls to forget his incompetence got us into this mess

“When a business goes bankrupt, the perpetrators are forced to go through the humiliation of bankruptcy and face years of purdah. Why don’t we insist on something similar for our politicians?”     BBC Radio 4 Today presenter Evan Davis. interviewed Labour Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, the architect of our economic doom while assisting Gordon Brown.     Balls […]

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Hey Politicians; listen to Niall Ferguson. He’ll put you right

    Niall Ferguson’s Reith Lectures promise to be scintillating and timely, showing how the west has been stumbling economically over the last 20 or so years. We (or rather our useless politicians) have been stealing from future generations by spending money we don’t have on an unaffordable welfare state. This happens because politicians can […]

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Is there a secret BBC charter clause not to offend Muslims?

    There must be a hidden amendment in the BBC’s charter which says that in addition to balance and fairness, thou shalt never offend Muslims, no matter how egregious their offences against our culture.     BBC Radio 4’s Today programme er today, had a debate at the end on the government’s plan to stop […]

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What’s “right-wing” about Ukranian extremists? Nothing, BBC concedes (at least I think it does)

    Finally, a minor triumph over the BBC to report. Right-wing extremists in Ukraine are now routinely described as “extremists”.     After watching the news earlier in the week, in which the BBC reported on its own “documentary” about racist football crowds in Ukraine,  the revolting yoboes in the crowd, who were proffering some […]

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Queen Jubilee

The Monarchy, And Other British Delusions

Attempts To End Royalty Always Fall At Fence One, But I Have A Plan NHS, Parliament, BBC, Cricket, Boat Race, Commonwealth, WWII “And no disrespect to Her Majesty, we would wait until after her death to implement the plan, to which few would object, given that Prince Charles is the heir apparent”  “It can’t be […]

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