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BBC Still Calls Lefty Parties Like France’s NF “Extreme-Right”

NF, And German Nazis, Supported State Control, Hated Free Markets Libertarians Are “Extreme-Right”;  They Want Low Tax, Small State “NAZIs called themselves National Socialists. Why would they actually call themselves socialists, if that wasn’t crucial to their beliefs?” There were two things wrong with BBC Radio 5 Live’s phone-in this week, which asked if “extreme-right-wing” […]

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BBC Should Lead Debate On Health Care

BBC Should Lead Debate On Health Care; Just How Do They Do It Abroad? “dead-end of top-down health care, doled out to us pleading serfs by modern day Lords of the Manor” “if anyone hints at not believing that the biggest bureaucracy in Europe is an example to the world, a lynch mob seems to […]

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