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Western Muslims Must Admit Problems And Modernise

Western Muslims Must Admit Problems And Modernise. Failure To Change Guarantees Culture Clash. Shameful Mainstream Politicians Refuse To Act, Only Appease. Even The President of Egypt Can See The Problem. “Muslims must drop pointless nonsense like refusing to pay interest on loans, ditch teaching that women are inferior and must cover up from head to […]

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Primary Elections Would Make British Politics More Accountable

Labour Party’s Effete MPs Would Be Culled; Tories Shaken Up Too. Don’t Be Fooled By Cameron’s Sham “Open” Primaries. “Ed Miliband trying to masquerade as a horny-handed toiler in front of the Doncaster North Labour party? He might have to do some serious canvassing in Hampstead if he wanted to stay in Parliament” Prime Minister […]

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