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Listen to Miliband and Greek tragedy can be yours too

 Listen to Miliband and Greek tragedy can be yours too     A marvellous Michael Portillo documentary (BBCTV2) on Greece’s problems. Armed with a euro and a drachma banknote, he interviewed people across Greece and Germany expecting them to eagerly opt for their old currencies. Surprisingly, he couldn’t find any Greeks who wanted to dump the euro […]

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WintonsWorld-BBC Diary

    Stop Hallal Now “Wouldn’t you think that of all social groups, religions would be concerned that animals were slaughtered humanely?” “The next time you are asked if you have any special dietary requirements, reply, “No Hallal meat please”      According to the BBC, a leading vet believes 25 per cent of British meat […]

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    Stop Using Abuse Against Parties You Don’t Like     If you call someone “extreme”, say why “In the real world, politicians moving to the right want less and smaller government, less tax and less regulation. The more extreme you are on this spectrum the more libertarian you are” The BBC regularly falls into the lazy, […]

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Lucky Megrahi – extended life thanks to release from NHS

Here’s something the BBC missed, although because one of its core beliefs is that Britons must love the NHS or else, it was probably omitted by design. The Wall Street Journal Europe today has a fascinating editorial (and OpEd piece from Megrahi’s doctor) , which, if the journalists on the BBC were doing their job, […]

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New Gas Technology Torpedoes High-Cost Renewable Energy Plans

Huhne/ConDem ideas will ruin the economy, generate unemployment; won’t save the planet Gas-fracking promises plentiful, clean energy, lower prices and a kick in the teeth for Putin and his ilk “don’t let them scare you into thinking that the Huhne way makes sense. That route points to hairshirts and the caves”         To […]

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Curb Union Power With Voting Hurdle, New Contract Law

50% plus one makes good sense; outlaw short-term action with tighter contract law “24 or 48 hour strikes or temporary walkouts bring pressure to bear on employers at relatively little cost to themselves”       Now that the dust has settled after a small minority of public sector workers threw their toys out of the pram, […]

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St Paul’s-like protests using physical force must be halted quickly

Political protest and democracy is all about freely-expressed opinion, not compelling you to listen   “They can gather in halls or fields to have their voices heard. They can write opinion pieces on the internet or in newspapers, or even run candidates in elections. They can be heard on radio and TV” In a spirit […]

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Economic storm brews, but Cameron’s on the ball

Cameron’s priorities boggle the mind, but if he fails, there’s always Ed “Better keep your fingers crossed that nothing seriously bad happens”     Listening to our callow political leaders at the annual political party conferences you would never guess that Britain faced economic meltdown, or that next year the world will have to handle an […]

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Time To Go Cameron; Step Forward Michael Gove

Forget Murdoch Saga, Cameron’s Policy Failure List Is Huge Lisbon Treaty, Climate Change, NHS, Libya, Turkey, Israel, Immigration, Clegg, Grammar Schools, Human Rights Act, Grandstanding Foreign Aid with borrowed money, the list goes on “this list isn’t exhaustive, and doesn’t include the predictable clanger of  hiring some oik from the gutter press to handle the […]

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Forced Disclosure Of Palin Emails Backfires On Attackers

Amazingly, the first two headlines I’ve read say things like this. “Sarah Palin’s emails reveal an idealistic, humane women, bemused by the way of the world” – Toby Harnden, Sunday Telegraph. “A heart-rending letter about her unborn son may transform the maverick’s image” – Tony Allen-Mills, Sunday Times. No word yet from Andrew Sullivan, the […]

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