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Boris Performs Sturdily, But You’d Never Know It.

Boris Performs Sturdily, But You’d Never Know It. BBC NewsNight Leads The Fake News, Mainstream Media Follows. I don’t think Boris actually called the perpetrators of the bill “traitors” but that is what they truly are. I watched Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday answering questions in Parliament. He was on his feet for a […]

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Slovenly, Superficial Media, Politicians Falsely Say Trump Racist

Slovenly, Superficial Media, Politicians Falsely Say Trump Racist. If They Bothered To Define Racism, They’d Realise Their Idiocy. Incompetent Media Decided Only The First Part Of This Quote Mattered. “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how […]

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BBCTV Question Time Needs Shaking Up, Starting At The Top

BBCTV Question Time Needs Shaking Up, Starting At The Top. “An American would have been appalled at the stupidity and ignorance of the audience, but outraged by the attitude of the chairman, showing this seemed to be an acceptable view of America from the great and good of British society. Shame on you BBC”   […]

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anita anand

Tune In To My Contribution To BBC’s Any Answers

Tune In To My Contribution To BBC’s Any Answers. Free Speech and Open Debate? Not on Any Questions. It’s The First One On Iplayer, So You Won’t Have to Wade Through. Click the play button to listen to my contribution Friday’s Any Questions on Radio 4 was a shocking disappointment to anyone interested in free speech […]

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Melting ice

IPCC’s Climate Change Report Comes Under Attack

You Won’t Know This Of Course; Thanks BBC. “Perhaps the Woolly Mammoth can do one last service. If climate change really did it in, could there be a reason government hasn’t considered?” “Could the sun be the most potent influence on our planet’s temperature?” I tweeted a tongue in cheek jibe at the BBC Radio […]

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Barack Obama

Obama Presidency Hits The Rocks

Scandals, Cover-Ups, Illegal Press Wire Tapes, Wrong-Foot Democrats. BBC Seems Uninterested Now Its Favourite Shows Clay Feet. “As more is revealed about this cover-up, it seems that not only will it destroy Obama’s presidency, but her (Hillary) chances of getting it next time” “The BBC loves Obama and all who sail in his corrupt ship […]

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Margaret Thatcher

Magnificent Margaret – Let’s Hope She’s Not A One-Off

“BBC parrots “No such thing as society” without completing the quote” You Can’t Be Divisive If You Win Three Elections In A Row “How many bone-headed ignoramuses are out there?” The shrill, cruel and mindless reaction by a noisy minority of my fellow citizens to the death of Margaret Thatcher is hard to fathom, given […]

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BBC Still Calls Lefty Parties Like France’s NF “Extreme-Right”

NF, And German Nazis, Supported State Control, Hated Free Markets Libertarians Are “Extreme-Right”;  They Want Low Tax, Small State “NAZIs called themselves National Socialists. Why would they actually call themselves socialists, if that wasn’t crucial to their beliefs?” There were two things wrong with BBC Radio 5 Live’s phone-in this week, which asked if “extreme-right-wing” […]

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BBC Should Lead Debate On Health Care

BBC Should Lead Debate On Health Care; Just How Do They Do It Abroad? “dead-end of top-down health care, doled out to us pleading serfs by modern day Lords of the Manor” “if anyone hints at not believing that the biggest bureaucracy in Europe is an example to the world, a lynch mob seems to […]

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BBC Lauds Hobsbawm, The Apologist For Stalin

“Radio 4 used lefty hand-wringer Simon Schama to do the honours. Result; an apology for a man who excused murdering monsters” “Hobsbawm reminds me of Bertrand Russell, the “brilliant” academic, dumb as a daisy when confronted with real life questions”.     The BBC made it sound as though maybe the discoverer of penicillin or […]

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