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Syrian Crisis Brings Out The Worst In Our Leaders

Who Is The Most Despicable; Cameron, Obama, Hollande? The Hands Down Winner Though Is U.S. Secretary Of State Kerry. “This guy threw his fake medals over the fence at the White House, told lies about what our troops did in Vietnam, accepted lies and spread lies about our military in Iraq all to advance a […]

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Barack Obama

Obama Presidency Hits The Rocks

Scandals, Cover-Ups, Illegal Press Wire Tapes, Wrong-Foot Democrats. BBC Seems Uninterested Now Its Favourite Shows Clay Feet. “As more is revealed about this cover-up, it seems that not only will it destroy Obama’s presidency, but her (Hillary) chances of getting it next time” “The BBC loves Obama and all who sail in his corrupt ship […]

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Cameron UKIP

Dump Cameron, End Coalition, Throw Red Meat To Tory Core

That Might Avert Disaster, Thwart UKIP, And Win The Election In 2015 Primary Elections Will End Central Office Power Over Candidates “resume spending £11 billion on aid a year to impoverished third world countries when we don’t have to borrow to do it” “We now know enough about Cameron the man, and many of us […]

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Margaret Thatcher

Magnificent Margaret – Let’s Hope She’s Not A One-Off

“BBC parrots “No such thing as society” without completing the quote” You Can’t Be Divisive If You Win Three Elections In A Row “How many bone-headed ignoramuses are out there?” The shrill, cruel and mindless reaction by a noisy minority of my fellow citizens to the death of Margaret Thatcher is hard to fathom, given […]

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BBC Still Calls Lefty Parties Like France’s NF “Extreme-Right”

NF, And German Nazis, Supported State Control, Hated Free Markets Libertarians Are “Extreme-Right”;  They Want Low Tax, Small State “NAZIs called themselves National Socialists. Why would they actually call themselves socialists, if that wasn’t crucial to their beliefs?” There were two things wrong with BBC Radio 5 Live’s phone-in this week, which asked if “extreme-right-wing” […]

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Obama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen

Obama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen, But Democrats Won’t Now Escape Responsibility  “Obama won’t be able to hide from the fact that he created the economic crisis with his irresponsible borrowing and printing of money” “the main reason for the Obama win was the cynical, corrupt and sordid campaign to demonize Romney” “when the […]

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Romney Win Will Spur Low-Tax, Smaller Government U.S. Economic Rebound

”This time voters won’t be fooled by any “hope and change” malarkey” “Obama never says he believes in man-made global warming, but he is in hock to that shamed and duplicitous lobby” “free at last to produce a real American low-tax, smaller government economy that will generate jobs and wealth just like Ronald Reagan did” […]

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Romney’s Game-Changing Debate Win Didn’t Impress The BBC

“Romney was able to address potential voters without his remarks being filtered through the mainly hostile media” “Romney came out swinging, passionately and with great articulacy, clearly knocking back Obama  and impressing the more than 50 million viewers” Even though President Barack Obama was finally nailed as superficial, incompetent, lazy and economical with the truth […]

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BBC Lauds Hobsbawm, The Apologist For Stalin

“Radio 4 used lefty hand-wringer Simon Schama to do the honours. Result; an apology for a man who excused murdering monsters” “Hobsbawm reminds me of Bertrand Russell, the “brilliant” academic, dumb as a daisy when confronted with real life questions”.     The BBC made it sound as though maybe the discoverer of penicillin or […]

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The endless Olympics is driving most of us mad; now they want our money to fund the “legacy”

“we are asked to take seriously people who spend their entire lives trying to get better at the Hop, Skip and Jump (now called the Triple Jump lest we start to dwell on how ludicrous this is)” “swimming has voted itself the right to award medals, not only for being the fastest over several different […]

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