Don’t Believe Media Lies That Trump Regime Will Be Dangerous

Don’t Believe Media Lies That Trump Regime Will Be Dangerous.

Talk Of His Sympathy To Russia Is Wrong, Mendacious.

“All of my Cabinet nominees are looking good and doing a great job. I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!”

“to the BBC and the American left, if you went on a civil rights march 40 years ago, you can’t be criticised about anything you say, however incendiary and dumb.”

    Lazy or mendacious reporting about president-elect Donald Trump means that many worry that his accession to the White House will lead to some kind of Armageddon, but let me put your minds at rest.

    We are going to see firm, less apologetic foreign policy, a rejuvenated NATO, a modernised military and a U.S. economy restored to dynamism by tax cuts and a bonfire of regulations. His cabinet members are a group of outstanding real world private sector and military leaders, in contrast to Barack Obama’s other worldly community organisers and academics.

    But things are going to be different, not least in the relationship with the media, and Trump’s more direct style.

    Trump has himself to blame in some ways because of his shoot from the lip habit. But the lazy (or mendacious) media is letting the public down with the wrong impression it has been giving. It also seems to have lost its sense of humour, and reports quite good Trump jokes as though they are serious policy statements. 

    First of all, Trump is no buddy of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, or sympathiser with Russian interests. Trump simply said that he admired the fact that, unlike President Obama in the U.S., Putin had aggressively asserted his country’s interests, and been quite successful. The media, in Britain led by the BBC and the in-the-Democrat party-tank U.S. press, reported this as being somehow evidence that Trump had a soft spot for Putin and Russia and there was a hidden agenda. That is a ludicrous conclusion and based on no evidence. The media did the same with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage who expressed similar thoughts about Putin and was then portrayed in the same false fashion as a Putin pal.

    Schoolboy security
    Then there is the idea that Russia somehow interfered in the U.S. election, when all it in fact did was expose the lax, schoolboy e-mail security in the Democrat party. Coincidentally, it (or whoever did it, that is still to be confirmed) found and published evidence of corrupt party behaviour, particularly in the way it cheated mad Bernie out of the party’s presidential nomination. As a result, a few leaders of the Democratic Party, including DNC chairman, the egregious and spiteful commissar Debbie Wasserman Schultz, were humiliated and forced to quit. It’s not as if some organisation invented dirt about the Democrats, they just found out the truth and revealed it.

    Most Americans probably would think that is a good thing.

    And now we have this loopy dossier that someone made up on behalf of the Democrat party, which would have us believe the Russians were so smart that 4 years ago, they knew Donald Trump would be a candidate for the Presidency of the United States, and then win it. If anyone then in the West had suggested such a thing, they probably would have been committed to the loony bin.

    The media (with some honourable exceptions in the U.S. like Fox News) would have us believe that Trump is a big-mouth know-nothing who will impose his disastrous views on world politics and start a world war. This is linked to more misreporting about his attitude to NATO, which he was said to be in favour of dumping. All Trump has said is that after all these years it is maybe time to reappraise its role, and at the same time, the U.S. can’t be expected to continue to pay more than its fair share of the costs. A perfectly reasonable, and not dangerous, policy to keep the West’s defences strong and relevant, I’d say.

    I would argue that from the evidence I’ve seen, Trump will certainly be a different kind of President from Obama (thank the lord), who will set the tone with broad brush ideas, then let his cabinet fill in the details.  This recent tweet of his was most reassuring –

All of my Cabinet nominee are looking good and doing a great job. I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!

    Simply look at the list of Cabinet nominees. They are an amazing group of acknowledged and respected experts, particularly at Defence, who will stand up for intelligent action and stop any unnecessary and dangerous action. They will also stand up for freedom and democracy in the wider world.

    His appointment of Betsy DeVos at Education is another inspiring appointment showing the old failed lefty ways are over. That’s why the Democrats are so full of bile. Many of their treasured and most destructive policy areas are being junked in favour of ideas that work.

    The latest controversy concerning Democrat Rep John Lewis is a typical false-anger and manipulated Trump storm. Lewis said outrageously that Trump is an illegitimate president, without providing any justification at all. Trump, not surprisingly, replied aggressively putting down the senseless comments.

    But the BBC reported the immature, overheated reaction of some American leftists, when in fact it should have been pointing out the outrageous nature of Lewis’s remarks. If there was any outrage to report, it was from the huge amount of Americans that voted for Trump at this belligerent, anti-democracy Democrat. Apparently to the BBC and the American left, if you went on a civil rights march 40 years ago, you can’t be criticised about anything you say, however incendiary and dumb it may be.

    Letter from Neil Winton in America
    At this point I will point out my Letter from Neil Winton in America from Kennebunkport, Maine, 10 days before the election to remind you why Trump won. I said the FBI’s explosive decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation was a fatal blow to her campaign, and meant Donald Trump would be taking up residence in the White House in January.

    “Before you start wringing your hands and dusting down the nuclear war refuge, it is a good time to find out exactly what The Donald will do as President, and what we can dismiss as hyperbole and bluster.”

    “His main policy claim on the stump is to cut taxes on regular citizens, and on corporation tax to 15% from the current penal 35%. He wants to stop the so-called Common Core educational straitjacket and allow charter schools. He wants more vigorous security checks on Muslim immigrants from dodgy areas, and to restore the traditional U.S. immigration policy which restricted incomers to those with qualifications wanted by American industry.”

    “Then there are his more dubious claims like building the wall and making Mexico pay, plus clamping down on free trade agreements like the NAFTA one with Mexico and Canada. I would suggest these are more to please the crowds than serious policy suggestions. It is impossible to deny that many lower income Americans have suffered severe income depletion because of the influx of unskilled immigrants, and it is easy to show that many jobs in the automotive industry have gone to foreign countries, so Trump is leaning on an open door here. But would a highly successful business man seriously be against free trade? I have my doubts that Trump is seriously against free trade, but that is more of hunch than a fact.”

    Obamacare going
    A Hillary Clinton win would have meant higher taxes for all, more regulation to strangle economic development, tinkering with Obamacare which Trump has pledged to dump, the death of coal, hugely higher energy bills, more unfunded spending, and no stop to the burgeoning national debt. Her foreign policy would have been be more of the same which gave us Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran nukes and ISIS.

    “You might wonder why I’m so sure Trump will win. The answer is, I’m not sure enough to bet the house, but I believe he can do it. Before the FBI set off that torpedo to the heart of the Hillary campaign, the polls were closing, and the Trump campaign was always relying on the idea that he would be propelled to the White House by the poor and oppressed who don’t usually vote, but who see this unpolitician as someone who listens to them. The FBI action means this trickle will become an avalanche of voters for Trump, not least because it backed up his off repeated claim that she is “crooked Hillary”.

    “But the bottom line in this election campaign is this. In the next 4 years there will be important additions to the Supreme Court. If the Democrats and Hillary get in, this most crucial of U.S. institutions will get a Liberal lefty majority, and that will mean the end of the U.S. as we have known it – a bastion of freedom and an example to the world that improving living standards for all its citizens, free speech and the open society are best served by adhering to the principles set down by the Founding Fathers.   

    Tune into my tweets on @neilwinton1 for a clear view of what’s going on with the Trump administration.


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  1. Terry Barker January 17, 2017 at 2:01 pm #

    The bottom line is that Trump is a fake anti-elitist, multi-millionaire with views that show he will be a liability not only to the world but the poor shmucks that voted for him in the mistaken belief that he is on their side. He is on nobody’s side except his own. Ask the people who he tried to evict who had been living peacefully for years near his golf course in Scotland.

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