A Month Exposed To Ed Miliband Can Only Have One Outcome


A Month Exposed To Ed Miliband Can Only Have One Outcome.

Victory For The Tories As Voters Realise His Venal Self-Regard.

“As the campaign unfolds it will mean a daily spotlight on Ed. If I know anything at all about the British his lack of quality will shine through”

I predict a Tory overall majority in the British general election next month.

The “experts” seem to think the campaign itself counts for nothing and are predicting a hung Parliament, parroting that the result on May 7 will reflect the polls taken last week, and for months previously.

This is why I think the conventional wisdom is wrong.

First of all, the electorate has barely started to pay attention to the election campaign, which has been rumbling on half-heartedly for months because the dreaded 5 year election law, passed by the Cameron-Clegg coalition, has meant probably the longest election campaign in our history. When the public starts to pay attention, it will have a dramatic impact on the polls.

This is why.

The Labour Party has no chance of winning the election because Ed Miliband clearly doesn’t have the quality for the job. It’s not just because of his immature, class-war tainted, sub-Marxist ideas of more regulation, higher taxes and demonising the rich. It is simply his quality as a person that will shine through. His decision to compete with and eventually destroy his brother David’s career is an egregious and unforgivably wicked act. However much it might have seemed unfair to Ed, he should have let his brother’s bid for the leadership play itself out. It’s not as if he had any obvious extra qualities to bring to the job, except a ruthless arrogance that if he could cosy up to the unions he might win. Did he really think victory against David was a worthwhile result, with the resultant humiliation of his brother and turmoil in his family?

No excuse for Ed
The American Kennedy brothers who gave us the President and two Senators were from a family not averse to playing hardball to get what it wanted. But can you imagine Robert or Edward deciding to compete with Jack for the presidency? These power hungry politicians put family first. Even the Kennedys had the decency and decorum to realise that the elder sibling deserved his chance. But Ed Miliband couldn’t wait. It’s not as though he was reaching the end of his career and it was now or never. There are no excuses for Ed.

Ed Miliband can’t resist the populist band-wagon. He jumped on the energy prices one and promised us a price freeze, which was shown to be dumb when prices fell 50 per cent without any help from him. His nonsense about the Tories privatising the NHS is simply a lie (more’s the pity in my opinion). Now he is bigging up his opposition to zero hours contracts, trying to make them sound evil when in fact this flexibility in the labour force has given our economy a big edge over the likes of Italy and France. In France and Italy, because labour markets are so rigidly controlled “you almost marry someone you hire, it’s that hard to get rid of them” as some wag said.

Unions have always found it impossible to accept that there is a huge negative to having labour laws guaranteeing jobs for life. It simply makes prospective employers go elsewhere. You have the safest jobs in the world for a few, but the unemployed will never find jobs if prospective employers are frightened away. Also, while I’m sure there are instances of some workers being exploited by zero hours deals, there are many who actually want the flexibility they offer.

Nasty piece of work
As the campaign unfolds it will mean a daily spotlight on Ed. If I know anything at all about the British people (and I realise that this might end in tears for my judgement), his lack of quality will shine through. This can’t mean anything else other than a gradual and hopefully accelerating realisation that Ed is a nasty piece of work that would do anything and say anything to feather his own selfish ambition. It would shame Britain to have such a person leading us. When and if the Tories get their campaign into top gear I would expect, if they really want to win, that this aspect of the Labour leader’s character should be receive the full blast of publicity. Sure, they have powerful economic arguments in their favour to make it easier to convince waverers. I don’t think the case is as strong as they would like us to believe but it is certainly stronger than the Labour case.

I shall probably be voting UKIP, not least because of Prime Minister David Cameron’s hopeless, principle-free and grandstanding leadership. But I have little hope that UKIP will get many seats. If it gets six seats, that will be a miracle. I expect the LibDems to get their comeuppance for making sure the coalition achieved so little, while they wrung their hands. The boneheaded Greens will lose Brighton, and hopefully that will be the end of them.

My preferred outcome in 2010 was for a minority Tory government, led by anyone else than the leader who couldn’t beat the worst prime minister in our history, Gordon Brown. Brown’s incompetent and debt ridden legacy should have been easy meat for an aggressive Tory campaign, but Cameron blew it. The coalition was a vehicle to save his sorry career. Can you imagine the progress that could have been made if a Thatcher style administration had been in power for 5 years? Always depending on the minority Tories getting themselves a majority after a year or two.

£45 billion interest
Sure, there would have been pain and aggravation for a couple of years, as in 1979 to 1981, but that should have provided a supply-led change in our economy – less regulation, lower taxes, slash and burn public spending – for the economy to merge cleansed and ready to create unheard of prosperity for the British people. Now, despite some progress, we have unprecedented national debt and we are still borrowing huge amounts. One thing Nick Clegg of all people said during the “debate” last week that stuck in my mind was his reference to the £45 billion in interest we are now paying every year. Interest, and not repayment of principal mind, equivalent to more than the defence budget.

That should have put a sock in the ignorant pleadings of the SNP leader for free-stuff Nicola Sturgeon’s (and the other daft and irrelevant Green and Plaid Cymru participants) simply silly plea for an end to austerity. If you’ve spent the money, you can’t just pretend the debt doesn’t exist. Austerity isn’t some mood you can shake off.

So I predict a Tory majority at best or at worst they will remain the biggest party. Miliband will guarantee defeat for Labour. Let’s face it, it won’t only be me who will glad to see this immature usurper go. A majority of the Parliamentary Labour party will breathe a sigh of relief too, when they’ve got over the loss of the limo themselves.

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