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Will I need a Leveson License to be able to do it?

I will eschew political correctness, and spotlight distortions of fact by our state-controlled media monopoly the BBC. I will shine light on issues which have been missed by the traditional media, often too cowardly or dim-witted to report the truth.

I shall focus on issues like climate change and energy policy, where politicians have opted to accept unfounded theories because they are too frightened to confront the truth. Our current leaders would rather condemn us to penury rather than offend noisy, bullying and superficial organisations like GreenPeace, Friends of the Earth, the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party. I’ll be monitoring David Cameron’s attempt to rewrite out E.U. relationship. If he doesn’t come back with at least a restoration of our monopoly rights to our own fishing, he’ll get a “No” from me.

The danger of unreformed Islam to Western values is on my radar, and the need for political reform in Britain. We need to end centralised control by all main political parties, where they decide which candidates are acceptable nationwide. Only local party primary elections on the U.S. model can restore a system which allows a much wider representation of opinion.

I’m for smaller government, lower taxes and as much freedom of opinion as possible. I’d like to see hate crime legislation removed by Parliament, which should dump laws designed to stop citizens being offended. Citizens in a truly free society don’t need to be protected by their government from insults. Only a potentially dictatorial government would think it could legislate against an emotion, however unattractive. Surely any view expressed short of threatening violence is perfectly acceptable. That is where the line should be drawn.

I worked for Reuters, the international news agency, for 33 years. The nicest thing anyone said to me during those years was being described as Reuters’ iconoclast. This came after my series of stories about Global Warming, which pointed out as Science and Technology Correspondent that despite the conventional wisdom relentlessly pounded out by corrupt institutions like the BBC, the evidence that human activity was changing the climate simply didn’t actually exist.

My last job at Reuters was European Auto Correspondent. I also worked as an editor and reporter for Reuters in Brussels, New York, London and Toronto. Do you think I have the right credentials to get a state Leveson license to write?


Neil Winton

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  1. Tony Licata September 9, 2022 at 10:14 pm #

    Nice work, Neil! The mainstream media on both sides of the ocean has failed criminally in its task of informing citizens. Thank goodness for the internet where individuals can set the record straight and challenge mainstream media distortions.

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