BBC climate report is balderdash; where is the balance and fairness?

 “There was no climate crisis, there is no climate crisis and there will be no climate crisis. The correct solution is to do nothing”

As promised last week, here is the knockdown to the BBC’s latest scaremongering on climate change. If you recall, the BBC reported from the Copenhagen Climate Conference that sea levels will rise 3 feet 4 inches in the next 100 years because humans are warming the planet.

As usual, within days (hours probably), there was a firm denial of any link between human activity and rising sea levels. This was available at the Heartland Conference on climate change in New York City, which was not reported by the BBC, even though it was packed to the rafters with the world’s most important climate scientists.

Let me use a summary of Lord Christopher Monckton’s speech to provide the ammunition. Monkton was science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and one of many speakers at the conference, which was opened by President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic.

Lord Monckton discussed some of the deliberately misleading myths about climate change propagated by warming alarmists, listing them as:

Global warming is happening now” – it’s actually cooling.

Arctic sea ice is disappearing” – in fact, there is no discernable trend in winter sea ice area over the last 30 years.

Antarctic sea ice is disappearing” – in fact, the area of sea-ice around Antarctica reached a 30-year record high in 2007.

The Great Barrier Reef is being damaged by global warming” – in fact, there is no trend in the sea surface temperature of the reef over the last 40 years.

Hurricanes are being made worse by global warming” – rather, the accumulated cyclone energy index recorded its lowest value in the last 30 years in October 2008.

Lord Monckton also commented on recent opinion polls that show a strong swing of public opinion away from climate alarmism. “Every opinion poll shows that public opinion is cooling as fast as the climate itself,” he said.

“There was no climate crisis, there is no climate crisis and there will be no climate crisis”, he said. “The correct solution to global warming is to have the courage to do nothing,” Lord Monckton said.

Why won’t the BBC report this contrary view? Surely its charter demands it report with balance and fairness? Why has the Tory party jumped on this bandwagon? After all, “warmists” are in the vanguard of those lefty fascists who would tax us into submission, and order us about in the name of saving the world.

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