BBC Thinks Prince Charles Lacks Environmental Credibility

The heir to the throne made his much-flagged speech saying that we had only 8-1/2 years to save the world from destruction. And yet the report from Brazil ran about 19th on BBCTV’s 10 o’clock news.

Actually, it was the very last item on the broadcast, usually reserved for some ditzy, showbiz stuff, and I’d lost count by then.

What a snub for the Fool That Would Be King.

Prince Charles told a business audience in Brazil that we must tackle climate change urgently. No matter that this is not within the power of man. No matter to, that the science on the issue tells a different story. The planet stopped warming in 1998. The next move may well be into cooling mode.

What is most depressing about Prince Charles is his mindless adoption of the conventional wisdom. All the politicians that he meets and their hangers on will be spouting nonsense about global warming and he has just taken it in without thinking.

Prince Charles, of all people, has time on his hands to think and study. A man with any quality at all would take the time to do some reading, some researching. He might then come up with some intelligent answers, rather than the clichés he echoes to his sycophants.

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