Biden Campaign Hit By Corruption Scandal, Worries About His Mental Condition

Joe Biden

Biden Campaign Hit By Corruption Scandal, Worries About His Mental Condition.

“the crowd wasn’t having any of that and started a spontaneous rendering of the national anthem”

“Because of fascist thugs at Antifa and Black Lives Matter, many Republicans are not only shy about expressing support for Trump, now they fear violence”

Lest you think the U.S. election is all over bar the preening, just take yourself back to a couple of weeks before the 2016 vote; the great and the good and their apologists in the media were saying “Hillary, foregone conclusion”. They are wrong. Again.

I was in the U.S. at the time and reported that, watch out, the left’s nightmare was about to come true and Donald Trump was going to win. Hillary Clinton was a hopeless candidate, and the polls were wrong because among other things they didn’t account for so-called shy-conservatives. I’m not there this time, but from my contacts there I can tell you that this “shy” mode has become been substituted by “fear”.

Because of the antics of fascist thugs at Antifa and Black Lives Matter, many Republicans are not only shy about expressing support for Trump, now they fear violence not embarrassment. When the looting, burning and violence infects places like Scottsdale, Arizona, the epitome, the definition of the American middle-class dream, people have every right to fear saying what they think in public. In public places, an expression of support for Trump can lead to unpleasant, vicious incidents if someone young and woke overhears it. And many local Republican organisers for Trump report running out of signs and billboards because thugs from the Democrat party rip them down or vandalise them, and often add a bit of afters by trashing houses and intimidating Republican supporters.

So don’t believe the opinion polls.

Ask yourself this. Do you think a candidate like Joe Biden, who is on the political side which trashes the police, threatens to withhold taxpayer funding for law enforcement, and won’t criticise those insulting the flag at public and sporting events, is going to win the vote of normal Americans? Mainstream Democrats belittle religion, which has a massive following in the U.S., and support gruesome causes like partial-birth abortion. Trump hasn’t done himself any favours by being fast and loose with language, but when push comes to shove, voters (at least the ones that matter in the so-called “battle-ground states) are more likely to support a proud American rather than an apologist, despite the lessons from two-term Barack Obama.

Remarkable happening
I watched a remarkable happening on U.S. TV last week, which I think shows the real America. At the start of a baseball game between rival colleges, the teams lined up at the start for what would usually be a rendering of the national anthem. One official said something like “We don’t do that these days” and the teams moved off to start the game. But part of the small crowd wasn’t having any of that and started up a spontaneous rendering of the national anthem, as one of the teams returned to take their traditional places and joined in.

And despite desperate claims by the BBC, Trump has some noticeable successes to brag about. The economy was booming nicely until the coronavirus derailed it, and the stock market was at record highs. China’s outrageous behaviour of ignoring World Trade Organisation rules and stealing intellectual property, ignored during the do-nothing-but-decry-America Obama years, was finally tackled. The U.S. has made big progress cutting carbon dioxide emissions, largely led by the switch from coal to oil and gas via fracking (which the Dems will stop) and is currently current energy self-sufficient. Trump also tried to tackle the North Korea problem, and has pushed back against Obama’s disastrous Iran policy. There have been no new wars and therefore no returning body-bags. The agreement between Israel and the UAE is hugely impressive, and eluded Obama. Trump has been nominated about 4 times for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

   The Democrats never accepted the loss by Clinton and most of the mainstream media plus Twitter, Facebook and You Tube (and minus Fox news and much talk radio, the latter being the Republicans secret weapon lead by the iconic Rush Limbaugh) joined in. Democrats began plotting to destabilise the Trump presidency even before he took office. The ludicrous “Russian collusion” hoax started before inauguration day and has been a long-running example of blowhard nonsense. The campaign to seek Trump’s impeachment was another hurdle thrown in his path.

Corrupt media favours Biden
This though has rebounded in Trumps favour because the mainstream media has lost all credibility with the normal. Last week Trump performed at a so-called Town Hall meeting during which he was treated viciously by a lefty journalist, enraging Republicans and the fair-minded. Trump didn’t lose his temper and performed pretty well. On the news later they would have noticed “Sleepy” Joe Biden, at another Town Hall meeting, being handed pathetic soft-ball, friendly questions by another lefty host and treated like a delicate child.

Biden rambled and stumbled through the meeting with some ludicrous answers which would have shown any floating voters watching that the poor man has lost his marbles and shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oval Office. He wasn’t even asked about the damning New York Post story which pointed out how the corrupt Biden used his vice-Presidential power to make money for his son Hunter. It’s a measure of Democrat party corruption that they really believed they can use the hopeless, hapless Biden as a figurehead while keeping him out of harm’s way. Tough media interviews which candidates would normally be gagging to do, were out. The corrupt mainstream media (minus Fox etc) is going along with this, and they really believe they can pull it off. In my opinion, normal American votes won’t stand for it. They can see the con-trick being staged by the Democrat Party, which will pay the price at the real polls.

And if you don’t buy these arguments, try the pocket-book one.  A recent Gallup poll said 56% of Americans believe they are better off under Trump then they were four years ago, and that is the highest number in the history of Gallup polling during a presidential election. As former U.S. President Bill Clinton put it “it’s the economy, stupid”. 

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