Biden Win Would Soon Turn America Into Argentina, As Extremists Seize Power

Biden Win Would Soon Turn America Into Argentina, As Extremists Seize Power.

“The Media and the Democrats are responsible for this unprecedented and corrupt attempt to gain control on a lie”

“This would have severe implications for Europe and our security. No longer could we rely on our American friends to defend us from the likes of China and Russia”

The moment of truth is at hand in the U.S. election (or it will be if the votes are counted in a timely way) and if the Democrats win, expect to see some massively negative outcomes, which should also tell you why they won’t.

The conventional wisdom demands a Biden win, but that makes a huge assumption. Of course, Democrat party zealots expect a Biden win and refuse to acknowledge the obvious failing in their candidate. Much of the media is cheerleading his campaign in a corrupt and unforgiveable disregard of its duty of balance and fairness. The huge assumption is this; any normal person can see Biden is a shadow of his former self – mentally compromised and unfit to be president – but the media seems to assume because it doesn’t report this, nobody can see it. The floating voters can see this. Hesitant voters can see this. Everyone but zealots know this. Do you really think America is going to vote for a doolally President, particularly with a nasty, unproven amateur like Kamala Harris waiting to take over the country?   

And those saying Biden is unstoppable don’t condescend to tell us what a Biden regime would do.

Taxes will go through the roof and not just for the elites earning over $400,000 as Sleepy Joe Biden claimed loudly, clearly and erroneously during the campaign. A Biden win would almost certainly be accompanied by his party gaining control of both houses of Congress, and allow its majority of hard-core socialists to take control. This group, led by the dreaded numbskull “squad” House of Representative members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, threaten to nationalize health care, shut down fracking and drilling for oil and gas, pack the Supreme Court and the whole court system, and institute a truly crazy Green Deal which will ruin the economy and of course not influence the climate in any way.

These socialist extremists suck up to violent movements like Antifa and Black Lives Matter which are probably even dumber and nihilistic than the squad, and fresh from making sure freedom of speech has ended in the nation’s education system.

This will turn the U.S. into Argentina
They want to make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states, effectively guaranteeing the left controls Congress for ever more, plus, just to make sure, they will make all the illegal immigrants legal, and open the borders to anyone who wants to show up. This is a policy which will sooner rather than later turn the U.S. into Argentina, which was briefly the richest country in the world more than 100 years ago but was turned into a bankrupt hell-hole by incompetent politicians.

This would have severe implications for Europe and our security. No longer could we rely on our American friends to defend us from the likes of China and Russia. When vice-president Kamala Harris takes over the presidency, (clearly poor Joe Biden is in no condition to be president), she will lead as the most extreme left member of the Senate, coupled with the fact she has absolutely no governing experience. She is nasty, ruthless and extreme, as a visit to You Tube to see how she handled the Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court hearings will show. Not only that, she willingly led her party in a plot which involved procuring lies about Kavanaugh to get her way. She is shameless, the lies she told were obviously childish, unbelievable and made up, but she didn’t hesitate. The ends justified the means.

I’m not just repeating political tropes when I say Biden will raise taxes. Biden wants to raise capital gains tax, ( and although this seems like a direct assault on companies and shareholders, by damaging profitability would in the end harm the economy and average workers incomes. And he has massive spending plans for the so-called Green economy likely to divert scare capital to sectors bound to squander them. He’s a tax and spend Democrat and everyone now knows what the end game for that is. Less wealth for everybody except the super-rich, more tax, but particularly for those that need money most.   

For all this to come true, the U.S. has to actually vote for Joe Biden and for that to happen some big hurdles have to be jumped.

Coronavirus cover for keeping Biden out of sight
You have to assume that the level of intelligence in the U.S. has receded, and the general public can’t see when it is being scammed. The Democrat party has embarked on an unprecedented confidence trick. It managed to make sure Crazy Bernie Sanders wasn’t its nominee, but by then anyone remotely credible had been eliminated so that left Joe Biden. The trouble was clearly the poor man wasn’t all there, so they decided to keep him out of the public eye, and the coronavirus crisis gave it a credible motive. The Democrats thought they could use Biden’s profile, as a genial, experienced old buffer and would seem acceptable to voters if not examined too closely. The only way to make this work was to demonize President Trump. Given that this is what the party, and its dupes in the Main Stream Media, has been doing non-stop since even before his inauguration, that came easy.

But the trouble with this strategy is that it soon became obvious poor old Joe could hardly string a sentence together, even famously forgetting Trump’s name. Remarkably, so intense was the hatred and contempt for Trump (Trump Derangement Syndrome – TDS) most of the media has been keeping schtoom. Not only that, the media has been actively censoring stories which might undermine the Biden campaign, like his corrupt son Hunter’s business dealings.  Big TV networks have interviewed Biden as though he was an over-sensitive child, while attacking Trump with as vengeance.

Average, normal voters will be horrified
As the campaign intensified and floating and not terribly interested voters started to pay attention, this strategy became obvious. Can you imagine how these people will now view Democrat politics and politicians? They knew the Democrats hated Trump with a vengeance, and had 4 years to groom a dynamic, young, inspirational new leader to lead the country away from the Trump terror to warm, sunlit uplands. And they were offered Biden as a candidate. It seems to me average, normal voters when confronted with this will be horrified. They are being taken for fools, and it’s quite obvious who the perpetrators are. The Main Stream Media and the Democrat Party are responsible for this unprecedented and corrupt attempt to gain control on a lie. As Goebels allegedly once said, if you are going to lie, make it a big one and people will believe it.

As we get closer to D-day, some opinion polls ( suggest new ways for Trump to win. Biden’s negative defeatism on the coronavirus front, threatening a dark winter and much shutting down, has upset many young voters who are switching to Trump who wants to open things up and get the economy moving again, while the Donald is also making inroads into the Black and Hispanic vote. Why would you think they couldn’t spot Biden’s dodgy mental state?

The general public will see through this outrageous Democrat Party scam, and Trump, for all this faults, will probably win on Tuesday, or whenever America manages to count up the votes. If he doesn’t win, the upheavals won’t be pretty to watch.   

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  1. David Rose October 31, 2020 at 8:31 pm #

    Certainly a picture of doom and gloom but probably correct if Biden gets in. Another important point is that once the far left take control they are very clever at keeping it. The wheels of democracy will change very quickly and the messaging will be very persuasive and well supported by the usual media suspects.

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