Boris Performs Sturdily, But You’d Never Know It.

Boris Performs Sturdily, But You’d Never Know It.

BBC NewsNight Leads The Fake News, Mainstream Media Follows.

I don’t think Boris actually called the perpetrators of the bill “traitors” but that is what they truly are.

I watched Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday answering questions in Parliament. He was on his feet for a couple of hours, handling 116 questions with great good humour and relentless focus on his point.

Brexit, voted for by 17.4 million people, would not be denied. He described the Benn Law as the “surrender act”, because it sought to thwart the 17.4 million by making it impossible for our government to agree a sensible deal with the EU by undermining our negotiating position. That’s what demanding “no deal” is dumped amounts to. I don’t think Boris actually called the perpetrators of the bill “traitors”, but that is what they truly are. Honest patriots would say the voters have spoken. Their decision must be implemented. We will do all we can to make sure it happens. We reserve the right to seek to rejoin the EU, say 5 years after we officially leave.

Towards the end of Boris’s grilling, Labour MP Tracy Brabin, who took over the seat of the murdered Jo Cox, made an intemperate, over-emotional and foolish intervention, seeking to exploit Cox’s memory. Boris stumbled over his reply, saying we ought to get Brexit done in the late Cox’s name. (Cox campaigned against Brexit) Another Labour MP, Paula Sherriff, puffed up by self-righteous anger, face contorted in hate, accused Boris of all kinds of ludicrous actions, to which he replied “humbug”.

Relentlessly insulted
I probably watched 95% of the questions and was most impressed. Boris handled himself well, and don’t forget he was relentlessly insulted during the whole performance by ignorant shouting lefties as a liar, charlatan, and racist, with no protection from the Speaker. The interventions from the likes of Brabin, Sherriff and earlier the egregious Jess Philips, were the actions of ill-qualified snowflakes who if they can’t stand the heat, should stop grizzling and get out of the kitchen.

But to my amazement when I switched over to NewsNight on the BBC at 1030, the biased, crazy, arrogant lefty Emily Maitliss, started in on how intemperate Boris’s language had been and how he should apologise. To any fair minded observer, this was nonsense. The next day most of the media fell in with this line, showing once again how a serial creator of fake news like the BBC leads on our feeble newspapers and radio stations.  NewsNight left the impression too that Boris had invoked the memory of Cox, not that he only reacted to her inclusion in a question to him.

Supreme Court
It has been quite a week. The Supreme Court decided, without any justification that made sense to me, to deny the government’s prorogue plan. It should have said that Parliament is the source, through the people, of sovereignty, and that it alone had the power to govern itself. If Parliament was in a pickle, it could call an election and cleanse the stables. But given that it has inserted itself into our politics, maybe Boris can use it to thwart the unconstitutional Benn Act, which only became law because Speaker Bercow rode roughshod over our rules and traditions. He allowed the opposition to take control of the agenda and pass a law seeking to stop the legitimate Brexit referendum. I’m sure a decent lawyer wouldn’t take long to point out that Bercow’s action bypassed our constitutional law and was therefore invalid. I think this is much more likely than Tory MP (not much longer) Dominic Grieve’s assertion that Boris will use violence whipped up by unhappy Brexit campaigners to declare a state of emergency, dissolve Parliament and push through Brexit.

Either way Brexit would be achieved and the reckoning can begin. If there is a general election soon, the Labour Party will pay a fearsome price for its shenanigans over Brexit. Its last manifesto pledged to honour the referendum, but it has been cowardly and duplicitous trying to face both ways. It wants to pretend to be against Brexit to its metropolitan London voters, and for Brexit to its traditional working class voters in the Midlands and the North. It ended up impressing none of its supporters, who will bleed to the Liberal Democrats in London and to the Tories outside of London if there is an election after we do in fact leave on October 31, “no ifs, no buts”. If we haven’t left before the election the Brexit Party will no doubt link up with the Tories to generate a good majority in Parliament.

We’ll be gone on October 31
I believe we will leave the EU on October 31, with or without a deal. If we leave without a deal, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to at least come up with an agreement under international rules where we agree to take a year to negotiate a free trade deal, while sticking to our current arrangements, which is a free trade deal. No matter how negative the likes of Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt sound, they won’t be key players. They only represent the bureaucrats of Brussels who truly believe in the European federal project. The nation states are the ones that matter and when they finally accept Britain is leaving the EU will make sure a trade deal is negotiated which benefits everyone. Panic over.


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