British Muslims need a new Koran, stripped of uncivilised beliefs

UK Muslims

Another Islamist atrocity, mercifully a bungled one, just reminds us that if this poisonous growth in our society is not cured, home grown suicide bombing will eventually lead to a huge loss of innocent life.

And yet all we get is hand-wringing from our gutless political leaders and pleas for moderate Muslims to step forward. I’m afraid it is too late for that.  Action is required, and I have a plan.

Step one involves actually admitting that there is a problem with this particular religion. Islam is an old mantra which carries much nonsensical baggage. Christianity showed the way with its New Testament which dumped many of the old beliefs making no sense in a modern world. Islamic nonsensicals are dangerous and often incompatible with British values.

Step two means Muslims living here must admit that the Koran can be used to justify all kinds of lethal, uncivilised behavior. This is not true of any other mainstream religion and makes Islam a special case. Therefore, if Muslims are to be allowed to practise their religion here, a new Koran must be compiled, stripped of all the nonsense that can be used to justify violence and medieval behaviour (see my article U.K. Muslims Need New Koran Purged Of Uncivilised Beliefs on the front page). This doesn’t mean the sacred, old Koran has to be dumped, it can still retain its status as a historical document. But lives will be guided by the new one.

When this new Koran has been agreed, it will be the only one allowed to be used in Mosques. Mosques which refuse to do this will be closed. Listening to some British Muslim leaders being interviewed yesterday in the aftermath of the Swedish bombing, makes for anger and helplessness. The chairman of the Luton Islamic Centre, Abdul Qadeer Baksh, didn’t see that it was his duty to inform the police that Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, the Stockholm bomber, was a dangerous nut job. He seemed to think it was the job of the police to find these people without any help from Muslims.

And is too much to ask, that when Muslim leaders appear in public, they start wearing clothes that don’t set them apart as an alien culture? Last night on NewsNight we had Qadeer Baksh in full ludicrous beard and uniform, reminding us that Islam has a long way to go if it is to integrate into the British way of life. I wouldn’t want to order the man to change the way he dresses, that wouldn’t be very civilised, but it would be a nice gesture of respect to us British and a declaration of intent if he and his fellow believers started to look a bit more like us.

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