Cameron Cynicism Over Turkey Shows He Truly Is Blair’s Heir

Turkey E.U Membership Would Mean An Avalanche Of Immigration

Cameron, The Grandstander, Knows Turkey Membership Won’t Happen

“Cameron is clearly not up to the job, but there is nobody in the wings with a strong case to lead”

David Cameron is said to have described himself as the heir to Blair, and his self-serving, cynicism over Turkey’s membership of the European Union shows how right he was.

Cameron knows that Turkey will never be admitted to the E.U. Germany and France have already decided that this will not happen. (Thank goodness we British can at least rely on some European politicians to demonstrate leadership backbone and moral fibre).

Cameron was simply grandstanding, trying to curry favour with Turkey and the Muslim world, knowing that his words had no practical meaning whatsoever. For once, we are indebted to the fearless questions of a BBC TV reporterette, who asked at the press conference following the speech, how giving 70 odd million Turks the right to move to Britain squared with his election campaign promise of ending unrestricted, mass immigration.

Collapse of stout party. She won’t be invited back, that’s for sure.

Cameron also showed he is deluded when he talked about Islam not being a threat to the West. Has this man ever done any research on anything? Muslims might be nice people, but their religion is incompatible with Western values. I’m not talking about radical or extreme Islam; just the bog standard variety. Muslims in Britain need to adopt a modernised version of the Koran to demonstrate to us that they not only share our values, but will not attempt to undermine them.

Cameron, for all this faux “passion”, could have easily suggested something constructive. Why not offer Turkey a free-trade deal with Europe? This would share the benefits of Turkey’s strong economy, and offer it some traction. Why do we need to offer citizenship to a huge number of people who subscribe to a culture which is incompatible with ours? Apart from anything else, that would provide a huge destabilising factor inside Turkey itself, as the best educated sought to leave to try and improve their living standards.

Cameron topped off his performance with an attack on Israel, saying Gaza was a prison camp and implying this was Israel’s fault. Does this guy ever do more than read newspaper headlines? Gaza is in the state it’s in because its government refuses to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist. Cameron knows that Israel is a shining light for democracy in the Middle East, but for his own selfish political purposes, he chooses to grandstand rather than take principled positions.

Which brings me to the ConDem coalition. The coalition was a vehicle to keep Dave in power. Cameron duped a bunch of childish LibDems and avoided another general election which our constitution demanded. Don’t forget, his tepid campaign failed to run out of town probably the most incompetent, corrupt and arrogant government in our history, led by a one-eyed sociopath. If he hadn’t become Prime Minister, his position as Tory leader would have come under pressure.

Let’s hope that the coalition stumbles at the first hurdle and Parliament throws out the proposed legislation to set up a referendum on our voting system. The trouble is – and the LibDems have form on this issue – even if they lose even their cherished principle of voting reform, we know that their love of the limo will outweigh any possible humiliation. They will hang on like leeches. We saw that in the 1970s, when the Liberals propped up Labour for years with zilch influence, and they didn’t even get any limos.

Britain needs firm government which doesn’t have to compromise with a bunch of hand-wringing liberals. (Chris Huhne in charge of energy; need I say more?) It needs a prime minister with experience, not a leader who thinks the message is everything. But what is most depressing is not only the fact that Cameron is clearly not up to the job, but that there is nobody waiting in the wings with a strong case to lead.

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