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Letter from Neil Winton in America – Trump versus Clinton

Letter from Neil Winton in America – Trump versus Clinton BURLINGTON, Vermont To America, where I’m finding out about the Trump versus Clinton election, and who is going to win.     I shall try and fill in the holes left by biased BBC coverage, not to mention the rest of the mainly hopeless British […]

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Jeremy Corbyn Win Will Rob Labour Of Its Greatest Asset

Jeremy Corbyn Win Will Rob Labour Of Its Greatest Asset. Ability To Pretend To Be Something Else Always Was The Key. If Corbyn Wins, Parliamentary Party Will Soon Despatch Him. Maybe Labour Too Will Die Leaving Tories, UKIP. “socialism always hurts most the people it proclaims the most noisily to want to help” “the minimum […]

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Tories Poised For Victory, As Miliband Effect Kicks-In

Tories Poised For Victory, As Miliband Effect Kicks-In.  “partly formed, weird, full of student union arrogance, yet to be weaned off utopian arguments handed down from his USSR loving father”  “(could) the Tories dump Cameron and give Sanjit Javid the controls?”  A month’s exposure to Ed Miliband will doom Labour to defeat and push the […]

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Manifestos Everywhere, But Not Much Compelling Argument

  Manifestos Everywhere, But Not Much Compelling Argument. Boring Variations On Worn Out Themes. Flat Tax, Kill Climate Act, Shake up NHS, Defence 2%, Reform Islam? “If you’ve spent kerzillions of pounds you’ve borrowed you have to pay it back. You can’t disagree with austerity” So many manifestos, so little impact. I’ve tried to pay […]

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A Month Exposed To Ed Miliband Can Only Have One Outcome

A Month Exposed To Ed Miliband Can Only Have One Outcome. Victory For The Tories As Voters Realise His Venal Self-Regard. “As the campaign unfolds it will mean a daily spotlight on Ed. If I know anything at all about the British his lack of quality will shine through” I predict a Tory overall majority […]

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Primary Elections Would Make British Politics More Accountable

Labour Party’s Effete MPs Would Be Culled; Tories Shaken Up Too. Don’t Be Fooled By Cameron’s Sham “Open” Primaries. “Ed Miliband trying to masquerade as a horny-handed toiler in front of the Doncaster North Labour party? He might have to do some serious canvassing in Hampstead if he wanted to stay in Parliament” Prime Minister […]

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There Is A Simple Way To Improve Our Politics – The Primary

“regional assemblies would build even more layers of government and add barriers between the electorate and leadership” Now that we’ve failed to dump the Scots, our craven politicians are conjuring up crackpot schemes to devolve power or shakeup the constitution. Let me suggest a way to make sure that the current system works better with […]

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Vote “Yes” Please Scots; We Can’t Afford “No” Consequences

Irreversible? Rubbish. Learn Your Lesson, Then Welcome Back. “risible that sterling is worth less without this Scottish basket-case, denuded of talent and left with a grasping, welfare-state drone rump” “When Scots grow up and want to come back, we’d welcome them home again” The need for a “Yes” vote in the Scottish independence referendum takes […]

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Fingers Crossed For “Yes” In Scotland Independence Vote

If You Can Think Of Any Disadvantages, Let Me Know. Less Of A Spending Burden, Likelihood Of Intelligent Governments. “Scotland has over the years been denuded of all the talented people, who have decamped to London” “It won’t be long before they clamour to be let back in again” Hey Scotland. You’re welcome to your […]

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Labour Favoured To Win; Can Miliband Lose It For Them?

Tories Need To Tempt UKIP Votes To Win Majority. Cameron Doesn’t Seem Aware Of This, Relying On Miliband Weapon. “Labour members hate our institutions and the Queen – it’s the truth that dare not speak its name – but never reveal this in public because they know this would be electoral death” “Have Britain’s voters […]

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