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Headline Climate Science Built On Shifting Sands – Book Review

Headline Climate Science Built On Shifting Sands – Book Review. “Heat waves in the U.S. are no more common than they were in 1900, and the warmest temperatures in the U.S. have not risen in the past 50 years,” says Steven Koonin in his book “Unsettled. What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, And […]

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Bjorn Lomborg False Alarm Book Review

Bjorn Lomborg Says Ignore Climate Emergency Bluster, Switch To Effective Policies To Fight Global Warming: Book Review “Climate change is a problem, but the projections of Earth’s imminent demise are based on bad science and even worse economics” Bjorn Lomborg, bane of global warming activists, says fear of a climate emergency has been whipped up […]

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Rand’s Great Novel “We The Living” Set In 1920’s Russia

Rand’s Great Novel “We The Living” Set In 1920’s Russia. Touching Love Story; Horrendous Warning About State Power. How Can Such Powerful And Poetic Writing Have Such A Low Profile? “You’ve driven us into an iron cellar, you’ve closed all the doors, and locked us airtight, airtight till the blood vessels of our spirits burst” […]

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Atlas Shrugged – The Movie. At Last, Hollywood Tackles Rand’s Masterpiece

Toxic Timing: As Presidential Campaign Starts, Obama Parallels Will Be Obvious “Reviews will split politically, as leftists seek to cover up their lies, and hope to divert Atlas Shrugged’s message that socialism enslaves and impoverishes, while freedom/capitalism liberates and improves the lot of even, or especially, the poorest” “We’ve seen the utopian Obamacare legislation, which […]

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