Climate Change; An Alternative View But Backed By Top Experts.

Climate Change; An Alternative View But Backed By Top Experts.

When I first started writing about human-induced climate change (or global warming as it was then known) as Reuters’ Science & Technology Correspondent back in the mid-90s, I turned to a subject I knew from headlines rather than research.

But I had expectations. After all, even then, the BBC was reporting as fact global warming was upon us, it was all our fault, and we’d all die soon if we didn’t listen to those that know best and act.

Imagine my amazement when I started talking to the world’s top climate scientists and found a completely different story. The science wasn’t even close to being proven, and I had great difficulty finding anyone to say the link between excessive human-made carbon dioxide (CO2) and a changing climate was clear. There were many assumptions, but no proof. Yet the BBC and the mainstream media (MSM) constantly reported a proven doom scenario.

But complying with Reuters standards of balance and fairness, I produced many stories summing up the fact that nobody really knew – 

  1. a) did CO2 impact climate?
  2. b) if so, how much was down to human influence?

I still don’t understand why the BBC was (and is) adamant the science was settled, or why the Main Stream Media (with some honourable exceptions) went along with it. I’m sure it was more laziness than any kind of conspiracy.

Since the mid-90s, climate science hasn’t progressed much, but now the politicians are relying on computer modelling for the ever more hysterical climate predictions and panicky plans. These models are notorious for predicting unreliable scenarios, not least because they are loaded with assumptions that are often highly speculative and politically motivated.

Here’s a selection of my work. If you want more serious climate change intelligence, take a look at

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2 Responses to Climate Change; An Alternative View But Backed By Top Experts.

  1. Gemini Musings March 2, 2023 at 5:14 pm #

    Neil, welcome to world of common sense! So much of this “story” is based on carefully crafted data, dates and “cherry picking” numbers.

    For example, based on scientific fact, at death, the average human being is over 82 feet tall and weighs over 1,400 pounds!

    The math is undeniably correct!

    Fact: Average US Baby Size @ Birth: 7.5 Pounds & 20 Inches Length
    Fact: Average US Baby Size @ 6 Months of Age: 16.5 Pounds & 26” Long
    Weight / Month = 1.5 Pounds / Month
    Length / Month – 1.0 Inches / Month
    Fact: Average Human Lifespan in US: 78 Years
    Fact: Weight & Length of Humans @ Death: 1,404 Pounds & 82 Feet Tall

    Typical BBC narrative?

    The math is correct! The facts are undeniable! If you do not believe, you should be thrown in jail!

  2. Frank Hilder March 3, 2023 at 7:09 am #


    Instead of circulating intentionally-misleading nonsense, and citing rubbish sources like and Marc Morano, why not inform yourself about the science and implications of human-caused climate change? The evidence is unequivocal:

    Frank Hilder

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