Duncan Smith Wows Question Time with Welfare Reform Ideas

smithThat’s Right, “Wow” And Duncan Smith Not An Oxymoron

“Sorry. We clearly have nothing to offer. Our ideas are dim-witted and counterproductive. We hereby irrevocably close the Labour Party. It will do no more damage to our fellow citizens in Britain”

Afghanistan Incapable Of Reform This Side Of 2100

Try converting them to Christianity for long term results

Iain Duncan Smith put on a bravura performance which astonished the BBC’s Question Time audience on Thursday. With passion, commitment and knowledge, he outlined the ConDem coalition’s ideas to destroy the welfare trap and liberate millions of our unfortunate citizens who have been condemned to lives, sometimes generations, of poverty by the Labour Party’s doctrinaire and counterproductive policies.

Duncan Smith was amazing, particularly to those who remember his crass Quiet Man speech at the Tory party conference some years ago. Duncan Smith even won over some died-in-the-wool lefties in the audience. There hasn’t been such a magnificent performance by a politician in my memory on this programme. I can almost forgive him the fact that he has gone over to the man-made global warming maniacs, and sounds more like George Monbiot than an intelligent Tory when he talks about climate change.

The Labour party clearly has run out of ideas, if that’s the right expression for a party which only has ideas which don’t work and ruin economies in general and lives in particular. It would be easy to say that, sure, the Labour Party’s heart is in the right place. They only created the welfare state with the best intentions. I say that is garbage. The Labour Party knows that if you pay people not to work, they won’t work. The Labour Party is only interested in recruiting clients for its worker’s paradise so that it could cling on to power by making sure as many votes as possible were in hock to them.

It was interesting to see the reaction of Alan Johnson, former Home Secretary in the Labour government, who had little to say during the weekly TV debate. He did have the grace not to argue with Duncan Smith, congratulating him every now and then on his grasp of the welfare subject. Johnson was feeding my fantasy, that after 13 years in government and demonstrably clueless and incompetent, the Labour party would simply say “Sorry. We clearly have nothing to offer. Our ideas are dim-witted and counterproductive. We hereby irrevocably close the Labour Party. It will do no more damage to our fellow citizens in Britain”.

Some hopes. Instead we have the nauseating spectacle of Ed Balls, the brothers Miliband, the desperate Burnham, and that nice lady Diane Abbott seeking to win the leadership “prize”. Balls will win this contest, because the unions like his morally corrupt aggression, and their votes are crucial. That of course means that the Labour Party will never again trouble the scorer when the votes come to be counted to form a government in this country. That won’t surprise Balls. He knows that anyone with such a ludicrous name is never going to be elected to the highest office in the land. If only he’d changed it before he started to become a mover and shaker in politics. His loss is the civilised world’s gain.

Afghanistan Incapable Of Short-Term Reform

I’m getting tired of hearing about the British mission in Afghanistan. The idea that we (and the Americans) can somehow reform and re-educate this population of bearded, Islamic, medieval dunderheads is simply ridiculous. These people won’t be capable of governing themselves for 100 years. There’s no chance of us and the Americans, handing over to a long-term secure government there.

Sure, we had to go in. The Taliban’s then effectiveness needed to be crushed. But as soon as we leave, the Taliban will be back. When they start to threaten the West again, we will have to risk our troops, go in and crush them all over again.

BBC TV’s NewsNight (I think it was) had a documentary the other night which demonstrated the impossibility of using reason and intelligence with these people. The programme was in a jail in Kabal (or some such carzee). One of the cases was a teenage girl who was rotting in jail because she had met her fiancé some time before their wedding. I repeat, “met her fiancé some time before their wedding”. There were other women in the jail for other non-reasons. When Muslims in this part of the world aren’t making their women’s lives miserable, they are debating such things as the 5-year pregnancy. The British media today had a story about how some Muslims in this country withdrew their children from schools because they didn’t want them to study music because this was un-Islamic.

If we want to reform Afghanistan over the long term, the best thing we could do would be to begin converting them to Christianity. Then we might start seeing some behavioural differences which might give their citizens some hope for a better future.

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