Former Greenpeace Leader Says CO2 Essential; Wants More


Former Greenpeace Leader Says CO2 Essential; Wants More.

“If there was such a proof (of CO2 link to human induced global warming) through testing and replication it would have been written down for all to see”

Given media and political near unanimity you could be forgiven for thinking that the arguments about what is warming the climate, and how to curb it have been settled. But you’d be wrong.

In the run-up to the U.N. climate change conference in Paris from Nov 30 to December 11, former Greenpeace leader Patrick Moore says not only is CO2 not warming the planet, life and earth requires more of it to survive and thrive.

Despite being labelled “climate deniers” with its insulting undertones, and even being threatened with prison if they dare to question the conventional wisdom, there are still many voices (brave ones according to me, corrupt village idiots in the pay of big oil to warmists) saying that the science is not settled, and that there is no evidence directly linking human production of CO2 to warming global temperatures.

Expect the mainstream media to largely ignore noises off from dissenters as the conference looms, but there are those who fear that shutting down arguments is bad in liberal democracies and believe they must be heard.

Moore, in a speech, said there is no definitive proof through real-world observation that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of the global climate that has occurred during the past 300 years.

“If there was such a proof through testing and replication it would have been written down for all to see,” Moore said in a speech to Britain’s Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Those arguing against the theory that human emissions of CO2 are warming the planet point to the so-called “hockey-stick” controversy, which sought to cover up the inconvenient truth of a medieval period of soaring temperatures which happened without increased CO2. The “hockey stick” describes the shape of a graph constructed to hide the medieval warm period between 800 and 1400. It is also hard to explain Greenland’s warmer climate a couple of thousand years ago that spurred agriculture, or that red wine growing flourished in England then, led by higher temperatures without the aid of industrialized amounts of CO2. Global temperatures fell between 1945 and 1975 as CO2 output soared. Over the last almost 20 years global temperatures have remained flat as CO2 production burgeoned.

Building block for life
In his lecture, “Should we celebrate CO2?”, Moore said it was beyond doubt that CO2 is the building block for all life on Earth.

“Yet today our children and our publics are taught that CO2 is a toxic pollutant that will destroy life and bring civilization to its knees,” Moore said.

In a Wall Street Journal opinion column in June about the Paris U.N. conference, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seemed to be saying that CO2 was a pollutant.

“They (citizens) know that air fouled with carbon pollution causes death and disease, and they are pressuring governments to act,” Bloomberg said.

Moore said, on the contrary, life on earth would whither and die if human output of CO2 stopped.

Moore is a scientist and founding member of Greenpeace. He left the organisation because he says it lost its original humanitarian reason for being and became too political. He said the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), main mouthpiece for those linking climate change to human action, is “hopelessly conflicted by its makeup and its mandate”. The IPCC is bound to focus on change of climate resulting from human activity. If they found no such link, their existence would be unnecessary.

“They (the IPCC) are virtually mandated to find on the side of apocalypse,” Moore said.

Looking into the planet’s natural history over the last 50,000 years, Moore said it is clear that changes in CO2 follow changes in temperature, not the other way around.

“Yet climate alarmists persist in insisting that CO2 is causing the change in temperature, despite the illogical nature of that assertion,” Moore said.

Challenge them every day
Moore said it is a proven fact that plants, including trees and all our food crops are capable of growing much faster at higher levels of CO2 than present in the atmosphere today. He said at today’s concentration of 400 ppm plants are relatively starved for nutrition. The optimum level of CO2 for plant growth is about 5 times higher, 2,000 ppm.

“Yet the alarmists warn it is already too high. They must be challenged every day by every person who knows the truth in this matter,” Moore said.

More CO2 will also help to fight off a slide into another period of glaciations by increasing plant growth and biomass.

Moore said G7 government policies now aim to eliminate fossil fuels by 2100, which he calls a “most bizarre development”.

   “Of course no intelligent person really believes this will happen but it is testament to the power of the elites that have converged around the catastrophic human-caused climate change that so many alleged world leaders must participate in the charade. How might we convince them to celebrate CO2 rather than to denigrate it?” Moore asked, without answering the question.

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