Fossil fuel overestimate would mean no global warming

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere might never reach the danger levels predicted by climate change zealots because supplies of oil and gas will peak much earlier than currently assumed, said a U.S. fuel expert and academic.

    Warmists have also underestimated the extent that CO2 has been gobbled up by plants and agriculture, cutting hugely the amount that is available to warm up the planet.

If this estimate is right, the huge tax mechanisms being drawn up by the European Union and the U.S. Obama administration in the name of saving the planet would be rendered pointless. This is just as well because these measures will bankrupt western economies, destroy many of our freedoms, and have no noticeable impact on the climate.

The impact on temperatures predicted by the U.N.’s IPCC won’t happen if supplies of oil and gas run out sooner than currently assumed. This would cut the CO2 content in the atmosphere to a safe level and mean climate change would be self-limiting. At least, that theory would make sense to those who think increasing CO2 levels are warming the climate.

James Bunger, in an article in the magazine published by the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, points to work by friend of Al Gore and NASA climatologist Jim Hansen, and Professor David Rutledge of California Institute of Technology, which says climate change could be self limiting.

“Unrealistic expectations of future fossil energy supply are but one glaring error in the climate change science. A second is the systematic under-reporting of the beneficial impact higher CO2 concentrations have on photosynthesis,” said Bunger.

The latter point refers to CO2’s often forgotten quality. Far from being a poisonous chemical which needs to be regulated, as claimed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it is a crucial element to life on earth. The higher the concentrations, the better plants and crops thrive.

Bunger says IPCC scientists and their hangers on have either not noticed, or chosen to ignore the fact that a large proportion of the CO2 spewing into the atmosphere has been used by plants.

“I conclude that because it is global in scope, geologic and economic limitations to fossil energy production may naturally limit the extent of future climate change, but without the bureaucracy and economic distortions that will result from a cap-and-trade scheme,” Bunger said.

“Imposing regulations on carbon emissions will only exacerbate what will already be a painful adjustment to supply limitations. Rather than making the problem worse through regulation, political effort should be better spent on improving efficiency of energy use, and helping to ensure we have adequate domestic supply of fuels when the world-wide competition for dwindling supply begins in earnest. That time is not long from now,” Bunger said.

Climate change zealots in the British government like Ed Miliband and their apologists in the Tory party should pay attention to this.

I’ve no way of knowing how reliable Mr Bunger and this information is, but I’ll be keeping watch and reporting back on WintonsWorld.

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