Fox News shows lots of empty London Olympic stadiums, saying Romney was right

Fox News, the U.S. cable news channel famous for saying it is fair and balanced,  has been firing back on behalf of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, falsely maligned by the useless and superficial British media for saying something quite innocuous and true, and for wanting to oust the sainted Barack Obama.

    Yesterday, Fox News’ “The Five” had a great time showing endless pictures of lots of Olympic stadiums with only Sid and Doris Bonkers in the audience and huge swathes of empty seats.

Fox reminded us, by repeating Romney’s remarks, how benign, and true, they were. That hadn’t stopped my useless colleagues getting excited and hysterical about a non-story.

The BBC was of course at the forefront of this. So was Sunday Telegraph columnist Matthew d’Ancona, that serial sucker-up to political leaders of any hew. This is what he had to say.

“Romney’s extraordinary remark  that he found the preparations for the Games – or, by implication, the lack of them – “disconcerting” suggested that he is not really hewn from presidential timber.”

You really have to read that again to get the full impact of its dishonest doublespeak. D’Ancona finds someone saying “disconcerting” about something that is true to be “extraordinary”, and that this disqualifies him from being President of the United States. This tripe was repeated right across the British media.

Only the rabid and cowardly herd that is the British media could find anything remotely offensive in Romney’s comments. In fact, the American media didn’t trouble to react to it until Fleet Street’s “sharks” (as one Fox commentator called them) manufactured it into a story.

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