France’s Sarkozy speaks for Britain too in his E.U. denial to Turkey

Thank you President Nicholas Sarkozy. You alone among Western leaders have had the courage to face the facts about Turkey, and say, “No”, to membership of the European Union. Free trade? Sure. Help and advice to develop Turkey’s economy? No problem. Political union? Never.

U.S. President Barack Obama thinks the European Union should admit Turkey. Well that’s easy for him to say, and to be fair, President George W Bush said it too. But that’s a bit like saying the U.S. should make Mexico the 51st state, although it’s even worse. Mexico might be poor, but it does have many cultural links with the American way of life with its commitment to Christianity.

Now Turkey has many plus points. It is making big strides to improve the lot of its poverty stricken people. It has embraced some Western values in its encouragement to companies like Renault and Ford to set up factories. Turkish forces have been valuable allies in NATO. I spent some time in Turkey last year, and the people seemed just like us, apart from some weirdoes doing the Whirling Dervish. The European Union should extend free trade rights to Turkey to encourage their economy. But if the European Union means anything at all, it has to have cultural unity, it has to be European, and Turkey fails this test, with its majority Muslim religion.

There is nothing racial about this. After all, aren’t Turks the same race as us anyway? No, it’s purely a cultural problem. You have to face the facts about Islam. If you take the trouble to find out what the Koran says, you will find that Islamic core beliefs are incompatible with Western values. The subjugation of women, the persecution of homosexuals, the denial that interest can be paid on loans (which devastates many Muslim economies), the cruelty to animals in their devotion to the Halal tradition, goes against our grain. Islamists often deny free speech and the sovereignty of the individual and their right to be heard. None of this is compatible with our Western liberal (in the traditional sense of the word) ways.

What is most irritating about this controversy is the position taken by the British Conservative Party. I’ll bet that at least 90 per cent of Conservatives would say no, without hesitation, to the question of Turkish entry. But the Tory hierarchy doesn’t have the courage of its convictions. They find it easier to support Turkey’s entry, knowing full well that France will veto it. This way the British Tories suck up to minorities at home, knowing this will never happen. How cynical is that. It’s David Cameron, that’s what. 

I’ve had no time for Sarkozy, who won power pretending to be a Conservative, and then threw principle to the wind for the sake of short-term political gain. His grandstanding on aid to the French car industry shows you Sarkozy’s relentless opportunism. Giving money with one hand, then insisting that Renault-Peugeot-Citroen junk their business plans which had meant moving much expensive production to eastern Europe or elsewhere. That might win votes now, but in the real world, 5 years down the line, unreformed French companies will be going bankrupt in the face of Asian and Chinese opposition. 

But his stand on Turkey deserves our support.

Of course Britain’s Labour party will support Turkish entry into the E.U. It reckons it will win on two levels. Poor immigrants are apparently more likely to vote for leftie parties, which cynically promise things they can’t deliver. And the Labour Party has demonstrated over the last 12 years that it understands little and cares less about the British way of life. Looking at its record, the unstated underlying theme is clearly to destroy Britain’s traditions and heritage. Unlimited Turkish/Islamic immigration would be the icing on the cake for Labour. Then Labour could truly say “Job done”.

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