Guide to Trump Impeachment Trial


Guide to Trump Impeachment Trial.

Welcome to my handy guide, in the week President Trump’s impeachment trial starts, as to what actually happened on January 6 at the Capitol in Washington, DC. It’s probably going to fail, not least because Nancy Pelosi orchestrated a superficial, incompetent and illegal non-case for impeachment.

Because of the useless MainStreamMedia (MSM), you will probably think the timeline went like this –

Trump makes speech inciting riot, Crowd storms Capitol, Riot ensues.


This is what actually happened.

Trump made a normal, aggressive speech, the crowd wandered over to the Capitol afterwards, demonstrated good-naturedly on the famous steps, then some gradually wandered into the building because mysteriously there was no security, there’s much friendly banter with Capitol officials, a couple of hours later, bad people joined in and rioted.

The MSM has created the false narrative by narrowing the timeline, seeking to link the riot with Trump. They didn’t have to do much to falsify it; they simply cut out much of the early stuff. Their version looks superficially accurate on the nightly news, but it’s contrived and wrong.

Questions to be answered
Here are some questions which need to be answered during the impeachment hearing.

  •     Did Trump’s speech add up to more than a regular campaign speech?
  •     Would there have been a riot if security had been in place?
  •     Why was there no security at the Capitol entrance?
  •     Who decided there would be no security?
  •     How many Antifa/BLM agitators were involved in the business end of the riot?
  •     Who gained and who lost because of the riot?
  •     Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

Clearly Trump lost because

1) his reputation has taken a kicking amongst floating voters and

2) the riot meant the Congressional debate about election skulduggery was foreshortened so crucial evidence wasn’t aired that might have proven Trump’s corruption assertions.

Democrats won because of 1) and 2). Doesn’t that make you wonder something is missing from the accepted narrative if you’re looking for a motive for all this and looking for winners? And don’t forget while watching the U.S. MSM, the BBC and the British MSM –

    “You cannot hope to bribe or twist the mainstream media journalist.  But, seeing what they’ll do, unbribed, there’s no occasion to” (with apologies to Humbert Wolfe).


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