Hamas Killers Sacrifice Palestinians For Their Sick Cause

Watching the childish, petulant, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s antics while sharing a stage with Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Davos summit served as another reminder of how the reality of Hamas gets lost in the political debate.

Hamas is an extreme, bloodthirsty group of Muslim maniacs who love death the way we in the West love life. Surely Erdogan must know that.

Typical of the quality of Israel’s critics was a performance earlier this week on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, when some ignoramus with a pathological, sick and knee-jerk hatred for Israel, tried to compare Israel’s action in Gaza to the German action to kill innocent Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

Apart from the fact that the Jews in Warsaw were packed in about 10 times more tightly than the Palestinians in Gaza, nothing was said about the most obvious difference.

Did the Jews in Warsaw somehow deserve their fate by firing the equivalent of rockets on to innocent German women and children in 1943? Of course not. They were wiped out in an unforgiveable bout of racist, senseless violence. They no more deserved their fate than did the innocents in the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001.

It seems most of the media and many of our politicians, not to mention the brain-dead demonstrators who took to the streets in London to support the unsupportable led by Anthony Wedgewood hyphen Benn (wrong about everything in a long, mentally-deranged career), have forgotten the real reason for the aggravation in Gaza.

Hamas, I suspect not with the support of the Palestinians they terrorise, lobbed thousands of rockets indiscriminately into Israel, killing and maiming the innocent. Showing amazing restraint, Israel waited and waited, for years rather than months, hoping that sense would finally be shown by Hamas. But sense came there none. Israel had to act, knowing that Hamas would manipulate the media by using sites to fire rockets from places where retaliation would hit the innocent.

It is outrageous that Hamas is allowed to foment hatred and violence. It’s even worse that the gullible and simple-minded support them. It’s no use saying that because somehow they were democratically elected, that forgives everything. Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 after winning an election.

It is an outrage that the Palestinians are used as pawns in a power game led by Iran and Syria, who use Palestinian poverty and permanent enslavement to further their wicked cause of eliminating Israel. The Palestinians don’t need to live in poverty. Saudi Arabia is awash with money, as are the Gulf states, who seem more interested in financing bling projects like Manchester City than saving their exploited fellow Arabs.

The Turkish Prime Minister did perform one useful act though. He reminds us that an uncivilised country like Turkey should never be admitted to the European Union. Freedom of trade? Sure. No problem. But political affiliation. Never.

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