Is there a secret BBC charter clause not to offend Muslims?

    There must be a hidden amendment in the BBC’s charter which says that in addition to balance and fairness, thou shalt never offend Muslims, no matter how egregious their offences against our culture.

    BBC Radio 4’s Today programme er today, had a debate at the end on the government’s plan to stop Muslims forcing daughters into arranged marriages, a practice incompatible with Britain’s traditions, along with a bunch of other medieval Islamic beliefs. The discussion was between former Tory MP Matthew Parris and some Guardian person. Guess what. The “M” word was never mentioned. I can’t vouch for the entire output of the BBC today, but I would bet that in its coverage of the banning of forced marriage, Muslims were rarely mentioned. The Guardian person had a curious argument. Although he was passionately against this form of slavery, he didn’t want to do anything about it, lest it cause offence. At least Parris was more aggressive in his stance, although he refrained from using the “M” word (or was it edited out?).

It really is about time that the government began a zero tolerance policy against all Muslim practices that are incompatible with our liberal tradition. Let’s outlaw animal cruelty via hallal killing, the torture of young Muslim women through genital mutilation, make clear “honour” killing is an oxymoron to most Muslims too, eating pork isn’t a problem now we’ve discovered modern science. What’s wrong with accepting that economic growth won’t occur unless the payment of interest is allowed? (This list is by no means complete).

   Perhaps the government’s next move could be to honour its election pledge that it would ban extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

    I think that moderate Muslims would appreciate a lead from the BBC in shedding critical light on these medieval practices which in the long run would make it easier for them to fully embrace our culture. Why is the BBC so craven in this aspect of its news coverage?

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