Islam, like Communism, can’t be trusted and must be challenged

THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 2009 AT 5:45PM

“The U.S. is not and never will be at war with Islam,” said U.S. President Barack Obama the other day in Turkey.

I suppose that was a nice thing to say given his surroundings, but it set me thinking, and I’ve tried to make some sense of what our attitude to Muslims should be.

Examine the Koran, and listen to what important Islamists like President of Iran Mad Mahmoud Afterdinnerjacket say. They threaten to kill infidels (us) and the Jews, and spread Sharia law around the world. They have contempt for our freedom and democracy, our open society, the sovereignty of the individual, and the rule of (sensible) law. Militant Islamists have shown how merciless they can be in the World Trade Center, the London Underground, Madrid and Bali. We must be able to hit with pre-emptive strikes quickly and surgically whenever a plot is uncovered. Perceived weakness just winds the nutjobs up into action.

This is a poisonous beast that will strike and kill if we allow it.

Take a look at the website if you doubt my word. This is a daily compilation of what Islamic leaders are saying to their own people, translated into English. It is an eye-opener. Many of these Muslim leaders are medieval deranged monsters pedalling hate, murder and contempt for the West and its values

But Obama says ordinary Muslims are responsible and moderate, and it’s hard to argue with that. The British government, in its cowardly response to Islamic extremists, is happy to go along with this because it has convinced itself that there is nothing to be done.

Here’s my idea.

To understand just what we are up against, think of Eastern Europe after the cold war. This was solidly in the Communist camp, but at the same time, ordinary people in these countries were moderate and by definition, under the lash of the Commissars.

Communism had to be confronted and fought because it was aimed, like Islam, directly at our core values. Anyone lucky enough to escape the Communist tyranny was welcome in the West. Nobody from the east wanted to retain any links with Communism. The escapees knew only too well that it was evil and counterproductive. They embraced our culture with a passion.

Which brings me to Islam. Sure, the Muslims in our country haven’t exactly escaped tyranny, but they have certainly left something similar behind. We have the right to insist that they, moderate or not, eschew the old ways. The old ways are incompatible with our values. A New Testament Koran will have to be written which will insist that our Muslims reject those old values. All Mosques in this country will only be licensed if they agree to preach updated values. Those refusing will be shut down. We must insist that the so-called moderate Muslims stand up and be counted. Like residents of former Communist states, they must dump the counter-productive values and join us. You would think that there would be some enthusiasm to do this. Why bother to come here if you don’t embrace our values?

All this makes a lot of sense to me, but unfortunately a major crack in my theory has just appeared. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, in a speech yesterday in Chicago, said we should treat militant Islam like we did revolutionary Communists. Tony Blair, the inventor of New Labour and leader of a party which has ruined Britain. The economy is in tatters. Traditional England is no more. Third-world standards wherever you look.

I must be wrong. I take it all back.

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