Labour Favoured To Win; Can Miliband Lose It For Them?


Tories Need To Tempt UKIP Votes To Win Majority.

Cameron Doesn’t Seem Aware Of This, Relying On Miliband Weapon.

“Labour members hate our institutions and the Queen – it’s the truth that dare not speak its name – but never reveal this in public because they know this would be electoral death”

“Have Britain’s voters forgotten the rank incompetence of Labour and its hateful, bone-headed, aggressive operatives always unaware of the theory of unintended consequences as they pursue their mad schemes?”

As Britain’s general election looms on the horizon, the contending parties have honed their messages at their annual conferences, and the media via the opinion polls reckons that Labour will win.

For the Tories to stand a chance of winning a majority in May 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron had a fairly straightforward-sounding task at the party conference; take votes from UKIP. He could embrace UKIP with some kind of electoral deal, or at least tell the nation that new Tory policies would mean that voting UKIP was unnecessary. He rejected the first option on the record, and by his lack of action clearly spiked the second idea. That means he is doomed to lose. As a voter who will be voting UKIP, but who is intensely aware that this might in fact bring in the Labour Party by the back door, I listened to Cameron’s speech but there wasn’t even a dog whistle to make me consider changing my mind.

A hint that a future Conservative government would start to rebuild Britain’s pension system, once a world-beater until Gordon Brown defenestrated it, would have made me sit up. Nothing. Action to acknowledge the damage done by the Climate Change Act, which threatens black-outs with no impact on the weather while bankrupting much of our industrial base? Nope. Perhaps a ban on Romanian and Bulgarian immigration on January 1, which will overwhelm our welfare state and creaking, incompetent health service? Not a word. An admittance that failure to embrace grammar schools was a mistake? Nowt, although I have to admit that the free-schools policy led by the magnificent Michael Gove goes a long way to meet that doubt. Nobody believes that Cameron will deliver on his “promise” to organise a referendum to withdraw from Europe. Backing off from HS2 would have been a hit with me, or at least conceding that a plan was flawed which reckoned it was a good idea to have a super-fast train link across the country leaving you walk of a mile for a connection to St Pancras, the Channel Tunnel and the rest of Europe. Giving kerzillions to third-world kleptocracies but winding down our armed forces shamefully? Still in place.

High stakes gamble
So Cameron is leading the Tories to defeat? There is one factor that might swing it their way, although it is a bit of high stakes gamble; Ed Miliband. Any rational examination points to the inadequacy of Miliband. This desperately selfish man knifed his brother in the leadership election. Any person with a touch of class would have deferred to his elder sibling, then made his pitch later. Even the power-hungry Kennedy’s in the U.S. had the decorum to allow eldest brother JFK to get the inside track, while the younger ones, awaited their turn. Miliband, a socialist having learnt nothing from history, is an hysterical loser. His pathetic whining about the Daily Mail having told the truth about his fellow-travelling father Ralph will come back to haunt him. We all sympathise with the notion that attempts to trash your Dad would normally be despicable and out of order. But Miliband constantly cites the relationship with his father as important to his formative years as a politician, so it’s quite legitimate to report the fact that this useful idiot for the Soviet Union was against parliamentary democracy and hated most of our ancient institutions. Rank and file Labour members hate our traditions and the Queen – it’s the truth that dare not speak its name – but never reveal this in public because they know this would be electoral death.

Motor-mouthed moron
If you try and think of Miliband as a Prime Minister, this theory does have much strength. Can my fellow voters really think of voting for this motor-mouthed moron? If the opinion polls are anything to go by I suppose I should admit the possibility of a Labour win. But let’s face it, anyone asked 18 months before an election isn’t going to give a considered answer, or isn’t likely to have thought seriously about their voting choice. Can it really be true that Britain’s voters have forgotten so soon about the rank incompetence of the Labour government and its hateful, bone-headed, aggressive operatives who always seem unaware of the theory of unintended consequences as they pursue their mad schemes?

This is the big test. American Talk Radio’s Rush Limbaugh goes on about a section of the American electorate, the one’s mindlessly voting Democrat, as the Low-Information Crowd. This is a much nicer way of saying those that are too stupid to see the wood for the trees and who will always vote for free stuff without considering the consequences. Undoubtedly, Britain has its own Low-Information people. You see them every Thursday on BBCTV’s Question Time, reacting to all the superficial promptings of the resident lefties on the panel. You hear them on Radio 4’s Any Questions too. These dim-wits are always willing to pack these programmes and cheer to the rafters whoever is spouting the left’s mind-numbingly ridiculous populist line of the day.

I suppose I could be wrong and that these Neanderthals are in fact the majority of my fellow citizens. If the Labour party gets back in 2015 that will at least demonstrate that it’s time to realise the fact that a majority of my fellow citizens “lack information”, and deserve all they get. Prove to me that I’m wrong, please.

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