Labour makes hard work of everything, as well as disguising the truth

Top marks to Sunday Telegraph columnist Melissa Kite for her splendid idea about why the Labour party calls itself er, the Labour Party.

I’d always thought that “Labour” was meant to distance the party from its true Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Fascist underpinnings. We all know that indeed this is whence Labour’s brothers and commissars began and continue their political ambitions, all the while pretending to be normal, mainstream, freedom loving “Labour” people.

Just like the Democrats in the U.S., the name is important to disguise the true point and direction of the party (although, come to think of it, “Republican” doesn’t tell you much either). Only now are many of those pea brains who voted Obama waking up to the fact, pointed out in no uncertain terms on WintonsWorld, that Barack and his gruesome wife Michelle were bent on creating a socialist paradise here on earth.

(Just to remind you of the true awfulness of these two. When Barack won a big primary election about a year ago, Michelle said this was the first time in her life she had been proud to be American. Bear in mind that Michelle comes from a poor black family, but demonstrated the amazing opportunity available to all in America by winning a scholarship to Harvard, and then found a job paying more than $300,000 a year, admittedly by shamelessly leveraging her ethnicity and gender. Her husband Barack’s joke on the Jay Leno show last week, when he inadvertently made fun of the Special Olympics, tells you all you need to know about him too. You can’t disguise a natural, unscripted reaction. To a fanatical, merciless supporter of a woman’s right to choose death for her foetus, the sight of competitors at the Special Olympics probably just makes Obama think about loosening the abortion laws a bit more).

But back to Kite’s Labour insight. Kite said the reason the party calls itself “Labour” is because it makes such hard work of everything, however simple it should be. Kite was referring to some jobsworth clipboard bureaucrat who had wasted much of her time trying to do something simple, like registering a horse. The unintended consequences of some Labour attempt to do good, no doubt.

The trouble with Labourites is that they are forced to run for office on the basis of a lie about their true beliefs. They can’t afford to react instinctively to anything. If they did, they would never have won an election (just think Scargill and Benn). Since Tony Blair took over, the party has been disciplined in making everyone conform to the party line, but this takes time. Even what would be a simple question for a normal politician takes ages for Labour, because to win office, the instincts had to be buried. So it takes forever to get even the simplest question answered.

When Labour craters at the next election, expect a few years of anarchy from the comrades. At least this is will remind us what they really believe in.

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