Latest BBC climate scare story will be wrong, and go uncorrected


“Fool Who Would Be King will tell us we have only “100 months left” to save the planet”


Here’s a prediction for you, based on bitter experience of the BBC.

The latest scare story on climate change from the BBC, which claims sea levels will rise 3 feet 4 inches in the next 100 years (or 1 metre, as the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation will always opt for) will be contradicted within a week by impressive, well-qualified scientists.

Here’s the prediction.

The BBC will never report the contradiction. Not only that, it will never balance a climate change story with another expert with a contrary view, even though there are hundreds, if not thousands out there who could do just that.

News from the Copenhagen Climate conference this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme had the usual scary scenario, designed to cow us voters into accepting the parallel agenda: we are all going to have to accept higher prices for petrol and fuel, because our rulers have decided carbon dioxide is warning the climate. Urged on by Fiends of the Earth, Greenpeace, their nut-job allies in Plane Stupid, and dopes like Lord Turner, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, they want us to ration flights, and eventually get out of our cars on to the buses and trains.

If these aptly named greens (from the time this meant inexperienced, lacking judgement) get their way, coal, of which we have huge reserves, will be banned unless its economics are ruined by “carbon-capture”.

Last night, David Shukman, the BBC’s Science dissembler in chief, had a piece on polar ice-sheets, again. He’s been pushing this one for some time, with the same scenario. A scare story leads the news, everybody has the vapours. There’s never any attempt to balance the new information. A week later, a reputable scientist shoots down the dissembler’s story. This is not reported on the BBC.

Despite all this, it is amazing how almost all intelligent people one meets out there smell a rat and don’t believe a word of it. I wonder how they’ll feel tomorrow when the Fool Who Would Be King makes his speech in Brazil. Prince Charles, purveyor of quack remedies, will tell us we have only “100 months left” to save the planet from irreversible damage, according to excerpts given in advance to media. (That’s about 8-1/2 years to you and me).

Prince Charles has been accused of quackery and exploitation over his Duchy Originals food company’s promotion of a “detox” tincture made from artichoke and dandelion.

I wonder if he will have the gall to suggest we all make sacrifices in the name of the planet, before he and his bloated entourage board their rented jet for home?

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