Listen to Miliband and Greek tragedy can be yours too

 Listen to Miliband and Greek tragedy can be yours too

    A marvellous Michael Portillo documentary (BBCTV2) on Greece’s problems. Armed with a euro and a drachma banknote, he interviewed people across Greece and Germany expecting them to eagerly opt for their old currencies. Surprisingly, he couldn’t find any Greeks who wanted to dump the euro and bring back the drachma. It seemed to only bring back memories of the bad old days of high interest rates and even more rampant corruption. (And only one German lusted after the Deutschmark).

Portillo managed to portray the true awfulness of the Greek dilemna, and their option-free zone. Greeks probably thought there would never be a day of reckoning after the years of spending millions of euros they didn’t have. Every option they have is horrible, but at least a return to the drachma will enable them to kick-start tourism and make agriculture competitive.

It’s also a harsh lesson to those fools in Britain who argue that all we have to do is borrow more money we can’t afford, for all our troubles to be over. Yea, that’s you Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. Fools or cynics? I think the former because only a fool could still think Labour theories and socialism are anything but dead-end dogmas. Just consult a history book or two to see what socialism brings.

Unfortunately, Labour grandstanding can be very persuasive. It is amazing these two who brought the country close to ruin, are not laughed off stage when they try and pretend they have answers. In business they would be declared bankrupt, and convicted of not being proper persons to run a whelk-stall. But in politics they simply carry on, and we subsidise these dolt brains.

Relentlessly wrong about Arab Spring
    BBC editors, once they decree that black is white, are at least relentlessly consistent. The BBC now uses “Arab Spring” as a metaphor for the replacement of dictatorships by freedom-loving, liberal (in the traditional sense of the word) rule of law devotees who have achieved the sunlit uplands of true democracy. Sarah Montague used the example this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme while interviewing the Dalai Lama. Why can’t BBC journalists simply report the truth rather than this fantasy about Arab revolution? Libya and Egypt will soon be controlled by Islamo fascists. Syria may be ruled by a nasty, violent dictatorship, but the would-be replacements are Islamists first, freedom lovers second. And not a very close second.

These people will only achieve the freedom we have when they embrace secular states, and force religious maniacs to keep their dumb ideas in the mosque.

“fascist prohibitionists at the British Medical Association”
    The government plan to raise the price of alcohol to defeat binge drinking goes on apace. Anybody capable of thought knows that it is a truly stupid idea. Raise the price a couple of pounds, binge drinking will stop and 8,000 lives a year will be saved, the fascist prohibitionists at the British Medical Association say. What nonsense. It will just raise the price for everybody and achieve nothing. I heard a spokesman for the Adam Smith Institute saying data showing price can curb alcoholics. quoted by the Scottish National Party and god help us the Tory party here, is bogus. He made the case superbly on Radio 5 Live, only for another BMA spokesman to make the case again about an hour later, and was let off scot-free by the dimwit interviewer on the same radio station.

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