Looming Spending Crisis Means Nobody Wants To Take Charge Of Britain

Best For Tories To Sit This One Out, Force Labour To Take Responsibility For Its Own Mess

cleggClegg “victory” just a media creation 

The only way I can make sense of this weird election is to assume that neither of the two big parties wants to win.

Whoever wins the keys to number 10 will inherit unprecedented problems. (I’m assuming that Nick Clegg’s wings will melt as he flies too close to the sun) The national debt will cripple us for decades. The budget deficit must be sorted to maintain our international credit rating, and keep interest rates down. Only then can an economic recovery begin. We’ve had the shakeout in the private sector. Now the featherbedded state and local governments must take their lumps.

The Labour party, with its scorched earth policy compounding its economic hooliganism, knows only too well what awaits the next government. Labour has been deliberately avoiding taking action to clean up the mess it created. It seeks to avoid responsibility, while at the same time lying in its collective teeth that it is just delaying to stop hurting people and the economy. In fact, Labour is happy to see our economy spiralling out of control, thinking that if it can just put action off until after the election, it can then accuse the Tories of heartlessly causing the suffering which can’t be avoided if health is to be restored.

Labour would soon be shamelessly accusing the Conservatives of actually creating the havoc. So Labour doesn’t want to win. How else can you explain the fact that the Labour party, which craves power above everything, was willing to saddle itself with the loser Brown. The likes of Mandelson are happy to keep Brown in power, knowing he will loose, but not too badly that they won’t live to fight another day, and that a deal can be done with the LibDems. Anyone who remembers the last LabLib pact will recall that the Liberals were soon consigned to the subs bench, and simply propped up a rotten regime until it ran out of time.

You can just imagine, after a couple of months of a Cameroon administration, Labour liars howling about the harshness of the inevitable cuts, and preparing to take over again when it becomes clear that the Conservative Party that isn’t Tory doesn’t have the courage of its convictions.

The Tories apparently also see the danger of an outright win. Cameron’s pussyfooting performance in the first televised debate showed a lack of the will to win. If he really wants it, he will let Brown and Cleggover have it with both barrels at the next debate. Given that Cameron’s career will be over if he loses, you might expect some action from him.

Much better for us real Tories and UKIP refuseniks to see “victory” snatched from them by a LabLibDem coalition that will have to handle the full force of the economic storm that is waiting to erupt. Defeat of the Tories would mean the end of the useless Cameron, so eager to trash traditional conservative values in his desperation to get the limo. Maybe a proper Conservative like William Hague would take the helm.

This union of the incompetent Labour party, and the feeble LibDems is likely to crash and burn and that would require a second election. Some hopes really. If only we had a Tory party with the desire to win and the belief in core free market principles.

Clegg “victory” just a media concoction.

There is another disturbing aspect to this campaign, and that’s the way the media has used its power to push the LibDems to the fore simply to try and liven things up a bit. Opinion polls are also demonstrating rather suspicious behaviour. Remember the Brown/Piers Morgan interview when the iron man cried on TV. Right afterwards opinion polls were published saying this bit of contrived TV had given Brown a bounce in the polls. What kind of person would have watched this cringe making performance (clearly staged as the camera panned down to his wretched wife in the audience) on TV, then thought better of Brown? Clearly there’s something wrong with some of the pollsters.

We saw questionable media tactics when Cameron was seeking the leadership of the Tory Party. Front-runner David Davis made a mediocre but adequate speech, but Cameron, according to the media, made a barnstorming one. If you actually go back and listen to the speeches, you will find that Davis did ok, and Cameron’s wasn’t that great, but the national media decided to run with the story that Davis had blown it and Cameron was some kind of wunderkind for doing what any ordinary actor could – memorise a longish speech. In this case the media all ran with this angle, and before long it was the conventional wisdom.

We’ve seen the same skulduggery with the debate. Clegg didn’t win the debate in any meaningful way at all.  He spouted the usual fug and cant you expect from a LibDem. But the media had to quickly come up with an angle to meet newspaper deadlines or even earlier internet needs. The myth was quickly born that somehow this was a triumph for Clegg. This is simply a media creation which is likely to bite back at Clegg as, for the first time in living memory, the voters actually pay attention to what these bearded sandlistas are actually on about. Far from being somehow fresh and new, the LibDems present a sad case of the same, tired old wet, lefty “solutions”.

This consists of submitting the country to the full embrace of the European Union in all its hideous anti-democratic ways. Soaking the rich, as though this will do anything more than chase the enterprising out of the county. Dopey environmentalism, with its huge and economy-crushing taxation. The LibDems play with words over defence and constantly talk about the war in Iraq as illegal, which is simply nonsense.

Now the opinion polls are trying to convince us that Clegg’s non-performance has catapulted him about 10 points in the polls to a leading position.  Has the electorate gone mad, or are the pollsters out of control. All will be revealed on May 6.

I should have returned from my U.S. trip by then, but I’m going to miss voting. The volcanic ash crisis has delayed my trip to the U.S., where I plan to write about the reaction to our election there.

Vote early! Vote often!

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