NewsNight’s two-part investigation of Muslim practise doesn’t mention Muslims!

    That must have taken a massive editorial effort for BBC TV’s NewsNight programme. In a two part investigation of female genital mutilation by Muslims, the word “Muslim” appeared not once. All through Sue Lloyd-Roberts commentary, which must have lasted about 30 minutes, she talked about “ethnic” reasons, whatever that is, as if that could be a reason for an ancient and morally corrupt policy to control women.

    Occasionally, shock-horror, this was put down to “cultural” reasons, although this was never developed. The film accompanying Ms Lloyd-Roberts commentary showed what appeared to be Muslim women, in full Islamic uniform in France, Holland and across the world, but the word never appeared.

In the studio discussion that followed, the word was never uttered, but one male participant from a Somalia group blew the gaff when “Mosque” passed his lips. The studio audience was also clearly mainly Muslim, with many women dressed for the part. They all managed to contribute to the debate without mentioning “Muslim”. Comically, one women blamed the government for not stopping the practice, thus avoiding talking about the religion that is responsible for this cruel and unusual behaviour

I’ve protested to the BBC complaints division about this, and no doubt it will contort and bluster. But is it not shameful that an organisation like the BBC, charged with honestly reporting the news with balance and fairness can stoop to such fascistic, thought-control tactics? I have asked NewNight’s editor to come clean about his programme’s obvious policy that reporting on Muslim affairs must concentrate on not offending, rather than reporting the truth in a straightforward and honest way.

BBC supports climate change conventional wisdom.

“Isn’t that a shaming indictment of any news organisation?”    

Speaking of reporting the truth, the BBC’s biased green agenda stopped it addressing crucial issues about energy policy on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning.

We had BBC climate analyst Roger Harrabin saying the government’s green energy policy was earning huge “international credit”, an utterly meaningless accolade unless the interviewer asked what he meant by that. Then the minister responsible for climate change, Lib-Dem Ed Davey, talking about how it made sense for Britain to have a CO2 free-energy policy by 2030.

In a sane world, you would think the BBC reporters would jump all over this. After all, our energy policy, thanks to Labour’s Climate Change Act, will raise Britain’s energy prices so high as to bankrupt us all, and force energy-intensive manufacturing to leave our shores causing massive unemployment.  The only people who don’t think this is going to happen are our politicians of all parties in Parliament (UKIP thinks it is madness).

But our biggest media outlet, the BBC, refuses to address the issue, happy to go along with the conventional wisdom. Isn’t that a shaming indictment of any news organisation?

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