Nick Herbert – “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Help your constituents. Fix the Economy. Then pursue minority interests

(This letter was offered to the West Sussex Gazette. It didn’t publish it. I don’t know why. I suspect it was conforming to the politically correct dictum which says if you don’t think homosexuality is a sensible option for all, and object to children being persuaded to take it up, you are homophobic. I wrote the letter a week after Conservative MP Nick Herbert had travelled to Washington, D.C. and made a speech in which he said, among other things, that homosexual couples should be encouraged to adopt children)

    Dear Sir,

As a former member of the Arun and South Downs Conservative Association, I voted to adopt Nick Herbert as the party’s candidate for the last election. I was aware he was homosexual. I voted for him because he was clearly highly intelligent and articulate, with right-of-centre views which I agreed with. His sexuality was of no interest to me.

Unfortunately, during his time as my MP, Mr Herbert has gone out of his way to make his sexuality an issue. He has popped up on radio and TV pushing the idea that homosexuality is a valid and equal life style. He has claimed that the MPs expenses spotlight was turned on him because of his homosexuality. Last month he was in Washington D.C., pedalling the preposterous notion that homosexual couples should be actively encouraged to adopt children, and urging gay church marriage.

In the 1960s when laws on abortion and homosexuality were reformed, we were told that making abortion more liberal would put an end to unfortunate women dying in backstreet operations. That was true, but the reform had unintended consequences. Now we have a government-sponsored production line of more than 200,000 abortions a year. Homosexuals were being subjected to blackmail in the ‘60s. It was outrageous that private activity between consenting adults should be illegal. I agreed that this needed reforming too, but if I’d been told about the abortion production line, or the fact that councils across the land would now be spending huge amounts of taxpayer’s money on Gay Pride events or sponsoring Gay “Marriage”, I might have thought twice about this.

My advice to Mr Herbert is this. If you have any spare time after  helping your constituents, why not fix the economy before indulging your personal and minority interests. No reasonable and civilised person wants homosexuals to be persecuted for their private activities, but a period of silence on this subject from you would be welcome.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, when asked what do about outing gays in the military said, “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. That should be our watchword if the subject of anyone’s sexuality comes up in the conversation.

Yours sincerely


Neil Winton

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