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Barack Obama

Scandals, Cover-Ups, Illegal Press Wire Tapes, Wrong-Foot Democrats.
BBC Seems Uninterested Now Its Favourite Shows Clay Feet.

“As more is revealed about this cover-up, it seems that not only will it destroy Obama’s presidency, but her (Hillary) chances of getting it next time”

“The BBC loves Obama and all who sail in his corrupt ship of state”

As far as the BBC is concerned the mantra is probably “crisis, what crisis”, because it has remained remarkably silent on U.S. President Barack Obama’s current problems caused by his own hubris and arrogance and which threaten to turn him into a lame-duck way before anyone could have predicted.

Usually, a second-term president will at least have until the mid-term congressional elections before he starts to lose momentum in his four-year reign, but Obama has already run out of steam, and he has no one to blame but himself.

He has been politically castrated by three scandals – Benghazi, IRS and AP. Obama and his Democrat advisors are so arrogant and power-crazed, that instead of admitting problems, apologising and moving on, they try to cover them up. You might find it interesting to find out why, not least because the mainstream media in Britain in general and the BBC in particular don’t seem interested in telling you.

The video did it
You will probably have heard about the Benghazi scandal, which broke on September 11, 2012. Organized terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, killing four Americans including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Because the Obama re-election campaign (remember this was less than two months from election day) had bigged up its claim to have defeated Al Qaeda and organised Islamic terrorists, it didn’t want to admit to having failed, so it, risibly, decided to blame the violence on a spontaneous reaction by Libyan citizens to a video which insulted Islam and which had already caused mayhem across the Muslim world. Obama ordered his U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to appear on national TV spreading this story, despite everyone involved knowing it was false.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was linked closely to this cover-up, and testified in Congress that “who cares how” these Americans were murdered, a quote which will haunt her should she decide to run for the Presidency in 2016. As more is revealed about this cover-up, it seems that not only will it destroy Obama’s presidency, but her chances of getting it next time. Every cloud has a silver lining indeed.

Rescue stopped to protect Obama
The worst aspect of the cover-up has yet to hit the headlines. This is the decision taken before the raid in Benghazi got into top gear by someone in the Obama administration, not to mount a rescue operation by either using F-16 jets from Italian bases, or mobilising a group of marines to helicopter in and save the Americans. It was considered more important to re-elect Obama and protect him from an inconvenient truth, than to save the lives of innocent Americans. You can see how this is not playing well for Obama’s presidency. This aspect of the controversy has the most potential to derail Obama, not to mention Clinton.

The other two scandals have emerged since the election, but predate Benghazi and demonstrate just how arrogant, evil and self-possessed this Democratic administration is. Everything is about politics. Everybody not with us is the enemy. The attitude is more Soviet Union than Founding Fathers. One huge loser from this also will be presidential spokesman Jay Carney, who has proved himself to be a liar and a charlatan. Carney, partisan in everything, seems to forget he speaks for a government which represents all the people, not just Democrats. One particularly lame argument from Carney was his remark that he didn’t want to talk about Benghazi because it was a long time ago.

Even Democrats
The IRS (Internal Revenue Service, otherwise known as the tax man). scandal is so outrageous, even some Democrats find it disgusting. This involved concentrating on right-wing groups which were being formed to raise money to fight against Obama’s re-election, and which sought tax-exempt status. The IRS harassed and delayed Republican, Conservative and Tea Party groups. Government agents would knock on peoples’ doors asking questions about their politics to such an extent that many just gave up. Questionnaires were impertinent, unnecessarily personal, and massive. At the same time, lefty groups found that their applications to be recognised as legal bodies to raise money were fast tracked. This mean that the Presidential election campaign last year was fought by Republicans with their hands tied, while Democrat groups were set free. Remember this is America, not the Soviet Union. Given that the government appoints IRS management, the race is on to see exactly who gave the order for this unconstitutional harassment.

The AP (Associated Press) scandal involves warrantless wire taps by the U..S. Justice Department (headed by Democrat piece of work Eric Holder of Fast and Furious fame) which involved hundreds of wiretaps of journalists because of suspicions involving security over a plan to blow up a U.S. airliner. Needlessly to say, much outrage has been generated by this. It also gives us a delicious irony, because the U.S. media has been a pathetic cheerleader for Obama (with some honourable exceptions – Wall Street Journal, Fox News). Not any more, it’s not.

Dishonest, partisan
The BBC loves Obama and all who sail in his corrupt ship of state, so it will be interesting to see how it reports on the scandal. One of the upcoming problems is going to be the administration of so-called ObamaCare, which will rely on the IRS for much of the detailed work on individual compliance with the massive bureaucracy generated by the legislation. Because the IRS has been shown to be dishonest and partisan, many American citizens are railing against rules which insist they reveal all kinds of personal health information to the IRS. This isn’t going to play well in the 2014 congressional elections, nor when Obama tries to convince the House or the Senate to do anything he wants.

It’s farewell the Obama presidency. Hello lame-duck mode.

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