Obama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen

obamawinObama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen, But Democrats Won’t Now Escape Responsibility 

“Obama won’t be able to hide from the fact that he created the economic crisis with his irresponsible borrowing and printing of money”

“the main reason for the Obama win was the cynical, corrupt and sordid campaign to demonize Romney”

“when the Benghazi incident is taken up by the mainstream media, this could lead to an impeachment attempt against Obama”

There are some crumbs of comfort for us stunned conservatives still reeling from Obama’s narrow win in the U.S. presidential election. Despite all the talk about how the Republicans failed miserably and will have to change drastically, the main reason for the Obama win was the Democrat’s cynical, corrupt and sordid campaign to demonize Romney.

You would have hoped too that Obama’s juvenile use of crass, class warfare and his playing of the envy card with his attack on millionaires and billionaires would have made him unelectable if the electorate was paying any attention at all.

My first thought on hearing the news in the early hours of Wednesday morning was how could the American electorate sink so low as to return a useless grandstander like Obama who refuses to face up to the U.S.’s chronic problems. Romney and his superbly qualified running mate Paul Ryan had a plan to return the U.S. economy to growth using the tried and tested Reagan/Thatcher so-called supply-side method of less government, lower taxes and a bonfire of red tape. Obama will carry on with his failed state-base solutions which caused the problems in the first place, or at least made the Bush inheritance much worse.

But on second thoughts, the results were not that disastrous. (I’m gritting my teeth as I write this). The overall vote was pretty much even – 50.4 per cent versus 48.1 per cent. Republicans retain control over the House of Representatives. And you could argue that a serious chunk of that victory margin was down to the Obama campaign’s disgraceful tactics. Obama knew that if he ran on his record, he was doomed. So he tried to blacken the character of Romney, often using risible angles (at least to those of the electorate with half a brain) as the SuperPac (party-funded but not “directly” linked to the campaign) ad which tried to show that Romney was responsible for one voter’s wife dying of cancer because he had been fired from a Romney company and lost his health insurance. Others tried to show that Romney’s Bain Capital cynically exported jobs to China, and was overly-concerned with making a fast buck.

Created jobs

Any analysis of Bain Capital will show that it saved doomed companies and created jobs and wealth over many years, but it is always the first, cheap shots which stay in the memory. Oh yes, and one Democrat tried to make something out of an incident when Romney was 17, which allegedly showed he bullied a homosexual. These Democrats and Obama himself are utterly shameless when it comes to winning elections. Obama, twice, when he was running for office in Illinois, managed to unearth secret court papers in divorce cases to torpedo his opponents close to election day. Republicans should be prepared to fight fire with fire the next time around.

The Wall Street Journal put it this way.

“Obama said little during the campaign about his first term and even less about his plans for a second. Instead his strategy was to portray Mitt Romney as a plutocrat and intolerant threat to (minority) voting blocs. No contraception for women. No green cards for immigrants. A return to Jim Crow via voter ID laws.”


The British media in general and the BBC in particular mostly ignored this important, nasty aspect of the campaign, although Mark Urban on NewsNight did make the point very briefly. NewsNight, in its analysis, rounded up out-of-control mental case and former Democrat presidential contender Howard Dean, and Sunday Times columnist Andrew Sullivan, for whom no canard is too embarrassing if it will advance the Obama cause. It truly is a disgrace that Sullivan continues to be given a forum by the Sunday Times for his narrow and ill-informed views. These two talked about how Republicans can never again be successful because the party is too religious and will never be accepted by Latinos and other minorities (“women” are minorities to these two dimwits), forgetting that Hispanics and Asians are super conservative, religious and entrepreneurial, and that the Republican party has a few up and coming leaders perfectly designed to appeal to these emerging groups. Step forward the magnificent Marco Rubio of Florida, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and newly elected Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

You could argue that this was a good election to lose because if Romney had won, he would have had to fix the oncoming economic storm in the shape of the so-called “fiscal cliff”, which may be delayed for a month or so but which will have to be sorted. (Ludicrously and ignorantly/callously? Sullivan’s latest SunTimes column talked about Obama’s golden economic legacy). Tell that to the U.S. unemployed, which if you count all those out of work and not just those on expiring benefits, is close to 14 per cent. And run that by the National Debt calculator, now standing at over $16 trillion. Obama won’t be able to hide from the fact that he created the economic crisis with his irresponsible borrowing and printing of money (although expect a desperate attempt to carry on blaming Bush, and the Republican House of Representatives). And when the Benghazi incident is taken up by the mainstream media, this could even lead to an impeachment attempt against Obama for his coldblooded and cowardly abandonment of four Americans to their deaths, and the subsequent attempt to cover up a terrorist event by saying the anti-Muslim video did it.

More of the same, probably

Given that Obama didn’t deign to come up with a plan for his second term we have to guess about likely actions.  Obamacare will bankrupt many small businesses and inhibit the creation of new ones. Expect more taxpayer money to be squandered on electric cars that nobody wants. The coal industry will be shoved towards the exits, but luckily for Americans, they have cheap natural gas to keep power bills under control. His veto of the attempt to build an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico will presumably continue, and U.S. energy security will be weakened. Oil exploration will be curtailed, as his climate change commissars take over energy policy.

The U.S. move to a European-style welfare state will continue, sapping economic growth and opportunity for the younger generation. The huge debt will continue to mount. If Americans support Democrats like Obama the prospects for the U.S. economy look bleak. And just imagine what happens when interest rates finally start to rise again. That’s when the debt mountain topples and buries the U.S. in an avalanche of interest payments.

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  1. Linda February 6, 2013 at 1:53 am #

    Absolutely tops…Yes, It is I, the American, agreeing with you, the Brit. It’s unbelievable – the election result. The cycling mess, horrific. What a loss on honor on so many levels, and Mr. Armstrong is not the only SUPER-ATHLETE to crumble in the face of the Tour(s) De Money/Prestige/No Matter What the Mirror says to you….Take it from a very dishearted, almost former, Red Sox Fan.
    Linda from CT, of Linda and John

  2. Neil Winton July 24, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    Hey LInda. Hey John. I hope all is well. I’ve just dlved into my new website and found your comments. I hope all is well. Best regards Neil

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