Romney Win Will Spur Low-Tax, Smaller Government U.S. Economic Rebound

romney-obama”This time voters won’t be fooled by any “hope and change” malarkey”

“Obama never says he believes in man-made global warming, but he is in hock to that shamed and duplicitous lobby”

“free at last to produce a real American low-tax, smaller government economy that will generate jobs and wealth just like Ronald Reagan did”

The BBC’s reticence on the likelihood Mitt Romney will overturn their favourite Barack Obama and win the U.S. Presidential election is hard to explain if you assume this is a news organisation. But of course it is more a leftist’s propaganda machine and now it has also become a full-time navel-gazer with all its journalistic “talent” seemingly obsessed with the Jimmy Savile affair.

License-fee payers have been denied a close up look at the U.S. election, and will probably be most confused when the results start to emerge on November 6 and the BBC’s man looses. The first thing that I find striking about the Obama campaign is its juvenile use of crass, class warfare, with Obama’s obsession with millionaires and billionaires. Obama’s gaffes, like his “You didn’t build that” remark, when he tried to belittle small business, has come back to haunt him. His blatant lies over the Benghazi affair, which he tried to blame on irate mobs whipped up by the anti-Muslim video, were revealed when it turned out this “spontaneous” (Al Qaeda) mob came armed with rocket propelled grenades and rifles. His U.N. representative was still claiming two weeks later that the video did it. Obama’s pathetic attempt to pretend that he was outraged, OUTRAGED, during the TV debate that anyone would think his administration would sink so low, didn’t fool any floating voters.

They probably didn’t much like Obama’s attempt to patronise Romney, when he reminded the Republican nominee that we now had ships which aircraft could land on, and some could go underwater too. All that did was destroy his campaign’s pathetic attempt to project this nasty, arrogant, incompetent and self-obsessed piece of work as the nice guy you’d drink a beer with.

And of course, the floating voters hold the key to the election. This time they won’t be fooled by any “hope and change” malarkey. That was OK before Obama had a record to run on. And that’s why he relentlessly plays the man not the ball, refusing to address issues, and coming up with childish lines like “Romneysia”.

Obama’s record stinks.

His Obamacare health system is detested because instead of trying to improve a system that is superb but thinly spread, it attempts to throw everything out and start again, and borrows heavily on our own National Health Service idea. And we all know how useless that is. Obamacare is a job killer as well as a health care destroyer because it pushes much of the cost on to small businesses. Obama’s ludicrous subsidies on renewable energy have been coming home to roost, as Solyndra and A123 go belly-up. His attempt to destroy the coal industry will only appeal to Hollywood airheads who think they can control the climate. His veto of the attempt to build an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico belied his pretence of seeking energy supply security. He refuses to allow more oil exploration in the U.S., but says he wants energy security. The voters know they are being taken for fools. Obama never says he believes in man-made global warming, yet all his appointments and policy decisions show he is in hock to that shamed and duplicitous lobby. He is also a creature of the unions. This is not a recipe for re-election.

And of course, there’s the economy, stupid. The economy is still struggling to recover from the recession despite Obama’s only idea, throw printed money at it. All U.S. voters now have to show is a massive national debt, much of it owed to China, and a still anaemic economy. Unemployment is still hovering around eight per cent, and that’s only because in America, the government only counts those on unemployment benefit, which lasts six months. The real unemployment rate is probably closer to 14 per cent. There’s an imminent tax cliff too, which the U.S. economy will fall off on January 1 if Obama wins. Only Obama thinks huge income tax increases on business owners, dividends and capital gains will help the economy.

The latest opinion polls point to a razor-thin Romney victory, but with just over a week to go, that could well become a solid win. So it’s farewell then Obama, fingers crossed. Only you could have filled in Jimmy Carter’s (another serial incompetent) second term so well.

Senate, too
Hopefully, a Romney victory will also mean Republicans will capture the Senate too as well as the House, meaning that Washington will be free at last to produce a real American low-tax, smaller government economy that will generate jobs and wealth just like Ronald Reagan did.

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