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BBC thinks Syrian revolutionaries are perfect democrats

Obama reveals true colours     The BBC’s coverage of the revolution in Syria is the latest in a series of examples which shows our state-controlled broadcaster doesn’t understand the basic, ethical requirements of journalism in general and its statutory duties of balance and fairness in particular. I’ve just listened to a segment on Radio 5 […]

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Why should we change our culture if it clashes with “minorities”?

    The BBC always takes the side of a culture that is in conflict with ours, however second-rate or Neanderthal it may be. It’s in the BBC’s DNA. On the Sunday morning religious programme on Radio 4 er, “Sunday”,  the presenter, hand-wringing leftie Ed Stourton, interviewed a former British soldier who was a Muslim, […]

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BBC’s self-criticism of its “Arab Spring” reporting welcome but late

“why can’t it simply report the facts without trying to dress up the “Arab Spring” as something it is not?”       BBC chiefs are criticising the organisation’s own coverage of the so-called Arab Spring, and singles out Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen for special criticism. Unfortunately, it’s a bit late, for huge damage has […]

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