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Letter from Neil Winton in America – batten down the hatches, lockup your daughters, Trump is going to win

Letter from Neil Winton in America – batten down the hatches, lockup your daughters, Trump is going to win.     KENNEBUNKPORT, ME – The FBI’s explosive decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation is a fatal blow to her campaign, and means Donald Trump will be taking up residence in the White House in […]

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A Month Exposed To Ed Miliband Can Only Have One Outcome

A Month Exposed To Ed Miliband Can Only Have One Outcome. Victory For The Tories As Voters Realise His Venal Self-Regard. “As the campaign unfolds it will mean a daily spotlight on Ed. If I know anything at all about the British his lack of quality will shine through” I predict a Tory overall majority […]

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Primary Elections Would Make British Politics More Accountable

Labour Party’s Effete MPs Would Be Culled; Tories Shaken Up Too. Don’t Be Fooled By Cameron’s Sham “Open” Primaries. “Ed Miliband trying to masquerade as a horny-handed toiler in front of the Doncaster North Labour party? He might have to do some serious canvassing in Hampstead if he wanted to stay in Parliament” Prime Minister […]

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Fingers Crossed For “Yes” In Scotland Independence Vote

If You Can Think Of Any Disadvantages, Let Me Know. Less Of A Spending Burden, Likelihood Of Intelligent Governments. “Scotland has over the years been denuded of all the talented people, who have decamped to London” “It won’t be long before they clamour to be let back in again” Hey Scotland. You’re welcome to your […]

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Cameron UKIP

Dump Cameron, End Coalition, Throw Red Meat To Tory Core

That Might Avert Disaster, Thwart UKIP, And Win The Election In 2015 Primary Elections Will End Central Office Power Over Candidates “resume spending £11 billion on aid a year to impoverished third world countries when we don’t have to borrow to do it” “We now know enough about Cameron the man, and many of us […]

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Obama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen

Obama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen, But Democrats Won’t Now Escape Responsibility  “Obama won’t be able to hide from the fact that he created the economic crisis with his irresponsible borrowing and printing of money” “the main reason for the Obama win was the cynical, corrupt and sordid campaign to demonize Romney” “when the […]

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Romney Win Will Spur Low-Tax, Smaller Government U.S. Economic Rebound

”This time voters won’t be fooled by any “hope and change” malarkey” “Obama never says he believes in man-made global warming, but he is in hock to that shamed and duplicitous lobby” “free at last to produce a real American low-tax, smaller government economy that will generate jobs and wealth just like Ronald Reagan did” […]

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Tories Will Win Big, Or Big Enough, More’s The Pity

Best For Our Long-Term Future Would Be Inconclusive Labour Win That Would Pin Responsibility For Future Pain Where It Belongs This should be a great day for Britain. Finally, with the election date being set, we have the chance to dump Gordon Brown, this arrogant, cowardly, incompetent, nasty, lying socialist. Unfortunately his likely replacement, David […]

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Tories to win working majority; but will we notice any real change?

“Cameron will win because he is not Gordon Brown. Just like Blair and New Labour won in 1997 by not being Tories” “Maybe Cameron will emerge in full Margaret Thatcher mode, slashing and burning the fascist state, to create a freedom loving, prosperous, low tax, well educated nation” The Tories will win a strong, working majority […]

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U.S. Election Shows People Are Listening, and Aren’t Powerless

Sickening, Self-Indulgent Clinton Visit To Haiti West Must Take This Chance To Finally Reform Haiti Thanks for the New Year’s gift Massachusetts! What a stunning victory for the Republicans in a Senate seat owned (probably literally) by the Kennedys and their corrupt acolytes for decades. This is great news for those who believe that the […]

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