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Headline Climate Science Built On Shifting Sands – Book Review

Headline Climate Science Built On Shifting Sands – Book Review. “Heat waves in the U.S. are no more common than they were in 1900, and the warmest temperatures in the U.S. have not risen in the past 50 years,” says Steven Koonin in his book “Unsettled. What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, And […]

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Bjorn Lomborg False Alarm Book Review

Bjorn Lomborg Says Ignore Climate Emergency Bluster, Switch To Effective Policies To Fight Global Warming: Book Review “Climate change is a problem, but the projections of Earth’s imminent demise are based on bad science and even worse economics” Bjorn Lomborg, bane of global warming activists, says fear of a climate emergency has been whipped up […]

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WintonsWorld and Global Warming

WintonsWorld and Global Warming During my 33 years at Reuters, I spent more than three years as Science and Technology Correspondent. Even in the mid-90s, global warming was being misreported. The mainstream media in general and the BBC in particular left the impression that humans were indeed hotting-up the planet, and that there was no […]

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Britain’s Climate Policy Madness Won’t Change The Weather But Threatens Mass Unemployment

IPCC climate science based on flimsy ground, ignoring sun, cosmic rays, clouds, oceans  “There has been a shameful failure by the grandees of the Royal Society who should have been the guardians of scientific integrity” “Maybe we should revert to the original slang meaning of the word “green”; to be hopelessly naïve, stupid and sophomoric” […]

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Will the U.S. Congress finally nail climate alarmists?

“The failure of Copenhagen may some day be remembered as the turning point in history that saved the world from economic ruin and loss of freedom”     Britain believes Gordon Brown is a liar and Prince Charles is a fool, or maybe it’s the other way around. But how else would you interpret the great […]

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Brown’s flat-earth climate lies matched only by Tory party’s surrender

    It is a measure of Gordon Brown’s breathtaking arrogance and ignorance that he seeks to dismiss those who challenge the scientific consensus on climate change as ignorant “flat-earthers”.     You might think, generously, that surely, for better or worse Brown is our leader after all, he wouldn’t lie or twist the facts to […]

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Human Production Of CO2 Isn’t Warming The Planet

Models Claim To Predict 2100, But Failed To See Current Weather “CO2 Is Good For You” “Kyoto-Like Agreements Will Lead To A World Command Economy With Totalitarian Overtones” Thank goodness they weren’t a bunch of bearded, sandal-wearing nutters. I spent a day in Brussels this week at a contrarian climate change conference organised by former […]

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U.N.’s IPCC fiddled climate change data – Christopher Booker

    World leaders at the Copenhagen Climate summit next month will be determined to save the world, but according to a new book by British iconoclast Christopher Booker, the science purporting to show that humans are destroying the climate is wrong, and some U.N. data justifying harsh action to curb CO2 has been falsified. […]

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Fossil fuel overestimate would mean no global warming

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere might never reach the danger levels predicted by climate change zealots because supplies of oil and gas will peak much earlier than currently assumed, said a U.S. fuel expert and academic.     Warmists have also underestimated the extent that CO2 has been gobbled up by plants and […]

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BBC climate report is balderdash; where is the balance and fairness?

 “There was no climate crisis, there is no climate crisis and there will be no climate crisis. The correct solution is to do nothing” As promised last week, here is the knockdown to the BBC’s latest scaremongering on climate change. If you recall, the BBC reported from the Copenhagen Climate Conference that sea levels will rise […]

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