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Tune In To My Contribution To BBC’s Any Answers

Tune In To My Contribution To BBC’s Any Answers. Free Speech and Open Debate? Not on Any Questions. It’s The First One On Iplayer, So You Won’t Have to Wade Through. Click the play button to listen to my contribution Friday’s Any Questions on Radio 4 was a shocking disappointment to anyone interested in free speech […]

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Western Muslims Must Admit Problems And Modernise

Western Muslims Must Admit Problems And Modernise. Failure To Change Guarantees Culture Clash. Shameful Mainstream Politicians Refuse To Act, Only Appease. Even The President of Egypt Can See The Problem. “Muslims must drop pointless nonsense like refusing to pay interest on loans, ditch teaching that women are inferior and must cover up from head to […]

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British Muslims Must Reform, Modernise

Dump Uncivilised Tenets Incompatible With U.K. Values. Forget Political Correctness; Insist On Prevalence Of Our Culture. Why Not Use AIFD Example To Expunge Dangerous Beliefs? “AIFD is saying for Muslims, America comes first, religion second. In Britain, I’m waiting for a Muslim organisation to say something similar” Militant Islamism is rearing its ugly head again […]

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British Muslims Must Modernise Core Creed

New Charter Would Dump Tenets Incompatible With Our Ways. Mainstream Muslim Reaction To Rigby Killing Too Weak. “Something more is desperately required: genuine recognition of the problem with Islam” – Hirsi Ali. “AIFD makes it clear that it is possible to be American first, then Muslim. We must insist in Britain that the same thing […]

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NewsNight’s two-part investigation of Muslim practise doesn’t mention Muslims!

    That must have taken a massive editorial effort for BBC TV’s NewsNight programme. In a two part investigation of female genital mutilation by Muslims, the word “Muslim” appeared not once. All through Sue Lloyd-Roberts commentary, which must have lasted about 30 minutes, she talked about “ethnic” reasons, whatever that is, as if that […]

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Why should we change our culture if it clashes with “minorities”?

    The BBC always takes the side of a culture that is in conflict with ours, however second-rate or Neanderthal it may be. It’s in the BBC’s DNA. On the Sunday morning religious programme on Radio 4 er, “Sunday”,  the presenter, hand-wringing leftie Ed Stourton, interviewed a former British soldier who was a Muslim, […]

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BBC’s self-criticism of its “Arab Spring” reporting welcome but late

“why can’t it simply report the facts without trying to dress up the “Arab Spring” as something it is not?”       BBC chiefs are criticising the organisation’s own coverage of the so-called Arab Spring, and singles out Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen for special criticism. Unfortunately, it’s a bit late, for huge damage has […]

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Is there a secret BBC charter clause not to offend Muslims?

    There must be a hidden amendment in the BBC’s charter which says that in addition to balance and fairness, thou shalt never offend Muslims, no matter how egregious their offences against our culture.     BBC Radio 4’s Today programme er today, had a debate at the end on the government’s plan to stop […]

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WintonsWorld-BBC Diary

    Stop Hallal Now “Wouldn’t you think that of all social groups, religions would be concerned that animals were slaughtered humanely?” “The next time you are asked if you have any special dietary requirements, reply, “No Hallal meat please”      According to the BBC, a leading vet believes 25 per cent of British meat […]

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BBC cheer leaders want Egypt’s Mubarak out

“Get your views out of my news” “contrary to what the BBC has been reporting, there may be many Egyptians saying “not so fast” to those who would push out the current regime, with no idea how to replace it”. The BBC’s arrogance and incompetence never ceases to amaze. Its coverage of the Egyptian political […]

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