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Obama Presidency Hits The Rocks

Scandals, Cover-Ups, Illegal Press Wire Tapes, Wrong-Foot Democrats. BBC Seems Uninterested Now Its Favourite Shows Clay Feet. “As more is revealed about this cover-up, it seems that not only will it destroy Obama’s presidency, but her (Hillary) chances of getting it next time” “The BBC loves Obama and all who sail in his corrupt ship […]

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Obama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen

Obama Win Means U.S. Problems Will Worsen, But Democrats Won’t Now Escape Responsibility  “Obama won’t be able to hide from the fact that he created the economic crisis with his irresponsible borrowing and printing of money” “the main reason for the Obama win was the cynical, corrupt and sordid campaign to demonize Romney” “when the […]

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Romney Win Will Spur Low-Tax, Smaller Government U.S. Economic Rebound

”This time voters won’t be fooled by any “hope and change” malarkey” “Obama never says he believes in man-made global warming, but he is in hock to that shamed and duplicitous lobby” “free at last to produce a real American low-tax, smaller government economy that will generate jobs and wealth just like Ronald Reagan did” […]

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Romney’s Game-Changing Debate Win Didn’t Impress The BBC

“Romney was able to address potential voters without his remarks being filtered through the mainly hostile media” “Romney came out swinging, passionately and with great articulacy, clearly knocking back Obama  and impressing the more than 50 million viewers” Even though President Barack Obama was finally nailed as superficial, incompetent, lazy and economical with the truth […]

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BBC thinks Syrian revolutionaries are perfect democrats

Obama reveals true colours     The BBC’s coverage of the revolution in Syria is the latest in a series of examples which shows our state-controlled broadcaster doesn’t understand the basic, ethical requirements of journalism in general and its statutory duties of balance and fairness in particular. I’ve just listened to a segment on Radio 5 […]

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U.S. Tea Party success shows Britain’s pitiful “democracy” is a sham

Britain’s media, particularly the BBC, is shamefully closed to new ideas. Sky News should be more like Fox News “How long would we stay in the European Union if our representatives had to take our views seriously?”   If only Britain was a real democracy like America, where the Tea Party has shaken American politics to […]

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Obama Plays Race Card In U.S./Arizona Illegal Immigrant Debate

Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico: how convenient for those who want to stop drilling     SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – If you think the Labour party is uniquely incompetent, corrupt and venal, think again. The U.S. Democratic party in general and its leader President Barack Obama in particular make Gordon Brown and Labour look almost benign […]

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Obama Stumbles At Inauguration; Gives Little Away About Plans

You had to feel sorry for President Barack Hussein Obama, when the oafish judge who was reading the oath of office read the words in chunks that were too big to handle. Poor Barack fluffed his lines. I bet he got it in the neck from the awful Michelle later. His speech was a mishmash […]

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