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The endless Olympics is driving most of us mad; now they want our money to fund the “legacy”

“we are asked to take seriously people who spend their entire lives trying to get better at the Hop, Skip and Jump (now called the Triple Jump lest we start to dwell on how ludicrous this is)” “swimming has voted itself the right to award medals, not only for being the fastest over several different […]

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Fox News shows lots of empty London Olympic stadiums, saying Romney was right

Fox News, the U.S. cable news channel famous for saying it is fair and balanced,  has been firing back on behalf of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, falsely maligned by the useless and superficial British media for saying something quite innocuous and true, and for wanting to oust the sainted Barack Obama.     Yesterday, Fox […]

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NHS underlines all that is bad about Britain, but Olympic opening ceremony lauds it

“It represents the triumph of politics over reality. It shows that if you repeat a big lie often enough, the people will eventually come to believe it” “Evidence, which mounts daily, that the NHS is corrupt and incompetent and provides an increasingly useless and often callous service is ignored” I am still refusing to take […]

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