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Margaret Thatcher

Magnificent Margaret – Let’s Hope She’s Not A One-Off

“BBC parrots “No such thing as society” without completing the quote” You Can’t Be Divisive If You Win Three Elections In A Row “How many bone-headed ignoramuses are out there?” The shrill, cruel and mindless reaction by a noisy minority of my fellow citizens to the death of Margaret Thatcher is hard to fathom, given […]

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Reform now; Parliament must regain government control, elect PM separately. Goodbye E.U.

    Now the dust is settling on the MP’s expenses scandal, we can turn to the urgent reform of the political system.     Our politics have been seriously flawed for years because of the failure of its most important principle, the separation of powers. The idea that Parliament should hold the government to account, […]

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Will the public still loath politicians a year from now, when it matters?

    I was always going to vote for UKIP in the European elections on June 4, and it is clear that other minor parties like the BNP and the Greens will do well, following public disgust with the mainstreamers after the Parliamentary expenses scandal.     The difficult question is – what happens afterwards. Will […]

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The Very Existence Of A House Of Lords Shames Britain

It isn’t just that the House of Lords is a shameful hotbed of corruption – so that’s why they look as though they are about to fall asleep all the time – surely the most despicable thing of all is its existence in the first place, and what that says about the British. No other […]

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