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Tories Poised For Victory, As Miliband Effect Kicks-In

Tories Poised For Victory, As Miliband Effect Kicks-In.  “partly formed, weird, full of student union arrogance, yet to be weaned off utopian arguments handed down from his USSR loving father”  “(could) the Tories dump Cameron and give Sanjit Javid the controls?”  A month’s exposure to Ed Miliband will doom Labour to defeat and push the […]

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Dump Cameron, End Coalition, Throw Red Meat To Tory Core

That Might Avert Disaster, Thwart UKIP, And Win The Election In 2015 Primary Elections Will End Central Office Power Over Candidates “resume spending £11 billion on aid a year to impoverished third world countries when we don’t have to borrow to do it” “We now know enough about Cameron the man, and many of us […]

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Tories to win working majority; but will we notice any real change?

“Cameron will win because he is not Gordon Brown. Just like Blair and New Labour won in 1997 by not being Tories” “Maybe Cameron will emerge in full Margaret Thatcher mode, slashing and burning the fascist state, to create a freedom loving, prosperous, low tax, well educated nation” The Tories will win a strong, working majority […]

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Tory Evasion On Wilders Case Shows Cameroon Superficiality

Justine Greening’s hand-wringing reply on BBC TV’s Question Time to the question about Geert Wilders’ visit, and Chris Grayling’s earlier statement, (if Wilders might transgress laws, we support the government action; followed by the pathetic whine about the government is inconsistent) shows why traditional Tories like me will never vote for this superficial, opportunistic, Cameron-led […]

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