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Dump Cameron, End Coalition, Throw Red Meat To Tory Core

That Might Avert Disaster, Thwart UKIP, And Win The Election In 2015 Primary Elections Will End Central Office Power Over Candidates “resume spending £11 billion on aid a year to impoverished third world countries when we don’t have to borrow to do it” “We now know enough about Cameron the man, and many of us […]

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UKIP Manifesto Includes Global Warming Doubt, Flat-Tax

Of Course, European Union Withdrawal Is Top Of The List Ban Burqa, Smoking Rooms In Pubs, Pensions Saved; HIPS To Go “Someone who did such damage shouldn’t be allowed to spend his retirement in comfort. This man should be exiled to the Falklands” It goes without saying that nobody in their right mind would vote […]

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Cameron Speech Was Clever, Emotional And Impressive

But He Fails My Test On Europe, Climate Change, NHS and Tax One Failure Might Be Negotiable, But 4 Means “Thumbs Down” I won’t be voting for a party that is afraid to stand up for solid, Conservative principles. Lucky old UKIP, I say.     I’ve been agonising over whether to swallow my principles and […]

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Vote UKIP on Thursday; then dream of saying Bye Bye Brussels

    I’ve never understood why freeborn Englishmen and women could ever be so insecure as to think they need to hand over their rights to foreigners in Brussels order to succeed in the world.     And if you say that as someone of a certain age, I might be responsible for this because of […]

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